Margin Isolated market
Before each created order, we take a loan if we do not have enough own funds.
At the end of the hour, we automatically return the loan if the funds are not used in orders.

How to start trading on Binance Isolated Margin?

To start trading in the terminal on Binance Isolated Margin, you need to follow several steps.

1. Enable the currency pair in our terminal

In the Finandy terminal, up to 10 active pairs are allowed for trading in isolated margin at the same time. If you need to open new ones and 10 pairs are already open, then you must first deactivate the old pair and then activate the new one.
To activate, you need to go to Wallets and at the end of the line with the pair, click Activate. Note that by default, a filter is enabled to hide small balances.
For a quick search, you can use the filter by pair name.

2. Transfer funds to an isolated wallet

In an isolated Margin Market, the balance is taken for each pair separately. Go to wallets and click Transfer
In the dialog box, you need to select the transfer currency, quantity and click the "Confirm" button
In the future, we will make it possible to transfer funds from the Spot Market directly in the terminal.