SL - Stop loss
SL module
The Stop Loss module can work with real orders (so far only on Futures) and virtual orders
IMPORTANT! To execute the SL is checked the price of book order (not last ticker price). This is done to squeeze protect.
For LONG, this is the last ask price for a sell. For SHORT, this is the last bid price of a buy.
Please consider this when setting the SL level.
Default settings are set here:
Click the "Save" button after changes.

Module settings in the order form


Module enabled or not in a position

Initial offset in %

Stop loss initial price offset in percent

Price Level Value

The absolute value of SL, which can be set on the chart by moving the order with the mouse or using the keyboard in this field.

Order trigger

A virtual order trigger. The setting is ignored for a Stop Market order.
    Order book - check the Sell Limit Price (ASK) for Long Position and Buy Limit (BID) for Short Position
    1m candle - the closing price of the candle is being checked. The first value is the candle timeframe.

Rearrangement after DCA

If enabled, then after averaging the price the SL position will move to the same distance to the position price as to the averaging.

Type of order

    Floating - virtual order with rearrangement,
    Market - virtual order that executes the orders of other market participants
    Stop Market - real stock order

Youtube example

Closing a position by SL with floating order
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