Finandy.com is an automated system for creating and control positions at the Exchange, Margin, Futures Binance's accounts.

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With new technologies opportunities for profitable tradings raised a lot and by virtue of technical instruments it is easier to make more informed decisions.
Unfortunately, the other side of progress has turned trading into a tangle of indicators and strategies, making trading even more confusing and unpredictable. Add to this the dynamic change in market or, on the contrary, the obvious ignorance of the market for positive or negative factors.
When the orientation and the management is becoming the most necessary and complicated part of the trading, creating an effective solution for handling and navigating all of these factors together is not an easy task!
Traders experience information overload due to a lack of automation and data management tools, which prevents them from fragmenting noise, reducing risk and trading more efficiently.


Finandy offers personalized solutions for individual and corporate traders and institutional investors, dealing with digital assets. In transactions Finandy terminal provides clarity of factors and structures all technical parameters for your position.
Using modules you easily realise your trading strategies and additional settings provided with maximal customization.
While using Finandy you have no need to switch to another sources, sacrificing optimization, time and your position autonomy. Use Finandy terminal with your own method concentrating on decision making with no “noise”.
Finandy terminal is made on module type which allows high flexibility in setting position management. For Indicators combination you need to on/off the module and make your settings.
For complicated and author’s strategies using several occasions and the combination of indicators Tradingview web-hooks’ on PINE-scripts are provided.
As a result, you will have very flexible setting instruments for your tasks.


Finandy terminal - free automated system for opening and managing positions on spot, marginal and futures accounts on Binance exchange using TradingView PINE-scripts.
Terminal automates routine and similar work of traders to set Take Profits, Averaging and Stop Loss, and also provides a number of additional tools that make trading more clear and simple.
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