Adding terminal IP white list to API key

What for we need to add the trustful IP to the Binance API key?

  1. 1.
    To increase the security of trading when using API key.
  2. 2.
    To eliminate the obligatory activation of the key every 90 days, i.e. if the terminal API is not added to the key Whitelist, then after 90 days after it's creation orders won't be able to open via this API key.

Instruction on including Finandy terminal IP addresses to whitelist

2. Click on Edit restrictions in the API key connected to the terminal
3. In Access limitation on IP please choose Allow access only to trusted IP addresses
4. Copy IP - addresses from the terminal on the API keys control page.
5. Paste the copied list to the field Access limitation on IP and press Confirm
6. Press Save on the top right of API key
7. In pop-up window, confirm the operation by entering part time password from Google Authenticator app, which is connected to your Binance account.
Last modified 3mo ago