What price?

It is free. Read more here

Exchange fee is taken into account?

Yes, in the trading position you see profit with fee.
Therefore, on the Binance website for Futures, the price differs from the price in our terminal, since Binance does not take into account the trading fees when calculating the position price.

Why does the position price move on chart when take profit is executed?

By default, we calculate the position price for the current balance of coins, taking into account all fees for opening and exiting a trade, that is, this is the actual breakeven of the position.
If you need to calculate the average price for opening orders, then you need to change the account setting and for new positions the price will be calculated without taking into account the partial closing of the position.

Is it safe to trade at Trading Panel? Coins will not be stolen from my account?

Trading by Finandy.com is as safe as trading on an exchange.
API key has access only to orders. It is impossible to withdraw coins by API key only if you do not give it a special permission. By default, this option is disabled.
For highest security you can register the IP of our server in the White list in the API key settings.

I changed the position management settings, will they be applied automatically?

Yes, all changes to position management are applied automatically.

Will the exchange ban my account if I earn a lot?

Exchanges provide official APIs specifically for trading. Trading Fee are received from exchanges, so they are equally beneficial if you trade by exchange or by API.

I want to make a suggestion for improvement or want to add a new feature.

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What exchanges can I trading?

Binance is available

What is the API fee?

The trading fee is the same as for trading by exchange.
  • Default is 0.1%
  • When you enable the Using BNB to pay for fees, the fee will be 0.075%. _**_How to enable the setting is described here


Fee using BNB
0.018% 🔥
Maker - an order placed in the list of orders, that is, creates market liquidity.
Taker - an order that executes orders in the order book, that is, reduces the liquidity of the market.
The discount of trading fee on the Futures is available if there are BNB coins in the Futures account.

I found an error in the website

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Errors are fixed with high priority.

Where can I get the API key for trading with Binance?

Follow this instruction:

What do the letters L, F, M, S mean in the form of creating an order?

  • L = LIMIT order
  • F = Floating order. Details
  • M = Market order
  • S = Stop Limit order

Added Key, but balances are not shown

Try to recreate the key, you may have copied the key or the secret is not complete.

I can not create an order in the Margin Market

You may not have permission in the key. More details here If this does not help, write to the Telegram chat.

I can not create an order on the Futures

You may not have permission in the key. More details here If this does not help, write to the Telegram chat.

What is the difference between Futures and Margin Market?

  1. 1.
    The fee on Futures is 0.018% (if there is BNB), and on Margin 0.075% - more than 4 times less, which gives an advantage with scalping strategies.
  2. 2.
    Credit on the margin account is charged immediately when the order is created, and for Futures every 8 hours if there is a position.
  3. 3.
    Margin (pledge) for trading in the Margin Market can be any coin supported by Margin trading, and only USDT on Futures, but if there is BTC on the Spot Market, you can make an interest-free loan for the equivalent amount.
  4. 4.
    Leverage on the Margin is 3-5x, and on the Futures 1-125x.
  5. 5.
    Futures have higher liquidity due to large leverage.
  6. 6.
    The minimum entry amount on the Margin market is $10, and on Futures, each coin has its own coin and depends on the quantity

Market unavailable

The market may be unavailable for trading in several cases:
  • The API key has not been added to the account. How to add a key read here →
  • No active Free or Paid subscription.
  • The key does not have permission to trade in this market. In the second case, you need to add permission to the API key on this page
  • The pair is not activated on the isolated margin in the terminal wallets. Read more →
In the last case, click on the Edit restrictions button and check the Enable Future (you can check on Margin too if you plan to trade there) and click Save.
Binance will request confirmation of action through 2FA. To do this, copy the code from the Google Authenticator application for your Binance account.
After that, you need to go to the Finandy trading terminal in the API key settings and click the "Restart" button

How to connect Telegram bot to the Finandy chat?

If you have connected telegram bot in the terminal, than disconnect it.
Create Telegram bot or add already existing bot into the needed chat. Connect the bot in the terminal, send the authorisation message from the step №7 not to bot but to chat where the bot was added from instruction paragraph 2.
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