Block №3 (rights)

At the top there is a menu in the form of tabs:
  • Creating / Setting a position + Order Book
  • List of currency pairs
  • Notifications
  • Additional menu

Creating / Setting a position (orders)

List of currency pairs

The name of the pair consists of 2 coins: 1. Base Asset 2. Quote Asset
Buttons on top:
  • Favorite currency pairs
  • Filters by quotes
In the title of the list of tickers, there is a search by underlying asset, and you can also sort by any of the columns:
  • by Name ↓ - A-Z,↑ - Z-A
  • by Price ↓ - descending, ↑ - increase
  • by Volume ↓ - descending, ↑ - increase
  • by Price change 24h ↓ - descending, ↑ - increase
When you click on the star to the right of the name of the pair, you add and remove from favorites.
Clicking on the ticker line opens the currency pair chart


At the top of the list is pagination.
When you click on a notification, you can view its detailed information, for example: position ID, order number

Additional menu

  • Send email again if this did not happen during registration
  • Change theme to dark
  • Choose language
  • Reload account
  • Go to contacts and join our social networks and Telegram chats
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