5. Creating an order

When the amount or sum (volume), price are entered and automation modules are configured, it remains to press the button for creating an order / grid

Partial closing of a position/Reduce of a position

Position settings

The rightmost tab of the order creation form contains position settings, template management, and custom order sizes.

CA cancel on close

If enabled, all averaging orders will be canceled when a position is closed.
If disabled, the position will not be closed and the system will wait for the execution of averaging orders.


Using templates, you can save different sets of settings for automation modules and order grids.
You need to configure the template on a pair, the position in which is not open
By default, module settings are updated automatically every 5 seconds in template #0.

• Creating a new template.

1. In the list of already existing templates
2. On the position settings tab

• On the position settings tab

  • Template ID Assigned automatically. Displayed in template selection
  • Name Custom name
  • Mask If empty, then the template for all pairs, if the name of the pair is entered, then the template will be displayed in the list of available templates only for this pair
  • Save button
  • Delete button

• Template selection

Below, to the right of the button for creating an order, on any of the tabs of the modules, there is a block with a template selection.
You can select a template only in a NEW (unopened) position
By default, all templates are created with default settings, so after creating a template, you need to select it
Set up modules in all necessary tabs of the order form
and click save changes
Please note that the list does not show templates with a mask that contain a currency pair other than the current one.
Templates with the specified currency pair are displayed separated by a colon, for example: 5 TP + SL + FIBO: BTCUSDT

Custom order volume

When you click on the button, the specified volume or amount of the token will be inserted.


Editing takes place in the position settings tab
  • Amount
  • Sum (volume)
  • Sum in % (volume in %)
The value is entered in the last column.
In the order form, each type has its own designation

Order book

Above and below the form for creating / setting a position there is a book of orders for sale and purchase.
Columns in the order book:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Sum (volume)
In the order book, rows are visually tinted depending on their size.
If you have an outstanding order at a price that is shown in the order book, then a dot will be displayed at the beginning of this line.