How to deposit and fund your account?

To start trading you will need to deposit and fund your account, this will explain how to do it. (Funds will be available after some amount of confirmations for any coin on Finandy Exchange. Each coin has its own confirmation amount).
  • Log into your account and open the Finandy Exchange section.
  • Click on page middle menu under the chat “Deposit/Withdraw/Transfer ”
  • On table choose the coin and click on it.
  • Right after you will see the deposit data.
  • Your address is ready to receive funds, you also have the QR option for fast filling

Where to find my deposit?

Deposit times vary from coin to coin depending on the network speed and the number of confirmations required.
To check the status of a deposit:
  • Log into your account and open the Finandy Exchange section.
  • Click on page middle menu under the chat “Balance”
  • The deposit should appear in your Deposit History along with the number of network confirmations needed to complete.
Most cryptocurrencies have a block explorer where transactions can be monitored by entering the TxID. If you are able to see your transaction on the block explorer, it should show in your Deposit History shortly.
If the deposit is not appearing in your Deposit History and at least 4 hours have passed, please open a ticket at Finandy Exchange Support.

If your deposit hasn’t arrived in to your Finandy Exchange account.

If you can not find your deposit in your Finandy Exchange account, please look through the possible reasons of this problem:

Incorrect data

The deposit transaction was incorrectly sent or broadcast to the Blockchain from the sending wallet
You should check and verify the status of the transaction from the place it was sent (usually either another wallet or exchange). If there appears to be an issue, it will need to be resolved by whoever manages the sending wallet.

The deposit transaction may have not been been received in the Blockchain

Blockchain transactions are not instant and require verification via 'Confirmations'. The Confirmations occur when transactions are confirmed to be legitimate by miners. This confirmed block will be added to the Blockchain and continues to be confirmed as new blocks are added.
Information to add: Finandy Exchange does not perform these Confirmations or have any control over the time in which these Confirmations are completed. The Confirmations are completed by miners on the Blockchain.
Transactions with higher fees will are far more likely to be added to a block first.

The time it takes to complete confirmations is determined by a number of factors. The several of the main factors are:

  • The network transaction fee paid when a transaction is first sent
  • The number of transactions currently on the network waiting to be confirmed. Generally, the more transactions in the queue, the longer it takes for your balance to be available.
  • If the transaction appears to be successful from the sending wallet, you should use the related block explorer for your coin to check that it has been received on the blockchain.
  • If you cannot locate your specific transaction on the related block explorer, this indicates it has not been broadcast successfully from the sending non-Finandy Exchange wallet, and will need to be resolved by the non-Finandy Exchange service, from where you sent your coins.
  • If you can locate your specific transaction on the related block explorer, it should provide details of the transaction as well as the current status. Please, check the transaction has been sent to your correct Finandy Exchange address, and also check the status.
  • If the status is 'failed', this indicates an issue with the way it was sent, and that will need to be resolved by the non-Finandy Exchange service, from where you sent your coins.
  • If the status is 'OK', 'Unconfirmed', or 'Confirmed', this indicates it was transaction successfully, and should be ready for Finandy Exchange to receive, subject to the correct address being input. Most block explorers will display how many confirmations the transaction has received.

The wallet you send the deposit to is in maintenance

When a wallet is in maintenance, transactions will not be processed. Pending deposits should be received once the wallet is back online.

The deposit transaction was sent using a Smart Contract that Finandy Exchange does not currently automatically support

The deposit tracker we use at Finandy Exchange does not currently pick up transactions sent via Smart Contract. Finandy Exchange recommends sending Deposits to Finandy Exchange without using Smart Contracts.
Information to add: A Smart Contract is a way of sending funds and information that is set to run by defined rules. All Ethereum clones and tokens are the only type of currency that we support that can perform smart contracts.
If you do send a deposit to Finandy Exchange using a Smart Contract, when you check the transaction details on the block explorer it can show as successfully sent but the transaction may not be received in your account.
Do not send tokens that are not listed on the platform to the provided Ethereum address. Such tokens will be considered lost and cannot be recovered.

Support ticket

If your transaction is shown as successful on the block explorer but your deposit has not been received, we recommend reviewing the troubleshooting items listed above to see if any of them apply. If you need further assistance, we are happy to help and ask you to create a Support Ticket with as much detail as possible including dates, times, amounts, transaction ID (or link to the transaction on the block explorer) so that we can investigate further.

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