Last updated 23/05/2023

Why do we need checkboxes next to the option names?

When the checkbox is checked, the parameter will be sourced from the incoming signal, even in the case of a slave signal from the Master signal.

When the checkbox is unchecked, the parameter will be sourced from the terminal.

If you check the option in the master account, and uncheck the checkbox in the slave signal, what settings will be applied when a signal is received?

The setting from the received signal message will be applied since the checkbox is checked in the master account, and the slave signal's terminal setting will be ignored.

How fast are orders created?

Orders are created very quickly, with a delay of only a fraction of a second.

❓ I have different notification times in TradingView and Finandy. What does this have to do with it?

Signal timing discrepancies between TradingView and Finandy may occur due to the nature of TradingView's signal delivery. TradingView signals may arrive later than the stated alert time, while Finandy immediately processes received signals. Technical support does not address these situations as they are not service malfunctions.

How safe is it?

Our system is 100% safe since we only accept signals from authorized TradingView servers. Additionally, we generate a unique link and secret for each signal to ensure security.

Do I need to have a paid subscription to TradingView?

Yes, a paid subscription to TradingView is required for using our service.

If I save the signal settings but make changes in the PINE-script indicator, will the changes be accepted by the terminal?

Yes, you can modify the generated code manually or using the indicator according to your strategy. Saving new versions in the terminal is not necessary.

Can I configure the signals myself?

If you have an indicator, it can provide two signals: one for buying and one for selling. By inserting the code from the terminal settings, you can specify "buy" for the buy signal and "sell" for the sell signal. The strategy will have a single signal using a placeholder. Controlling an option in the signal.

A signal occurred in TradingView, but no order was created in the terminal

Check the size of the order being created, as it may be below the minimum allowable amount or the account balance may be insufficient. We will improve the error logging for better troubleshooting in the future.

I have a strategy, how to insert BUY/SELL into a signal message?

You need to replace the line with the "side" parameter with "side": "{{strategy.order.action}}".

I want to send signals from my server. How can I do this?

To send signals from your server, you need to add your server's IP address to the allowed IP list in the signal settings.

I want to test the signal settings. How can I do this?

pageSignal testing

How to set up a position reversal upon receiving a closing signal?

The settings include a 'Reverse' parameter. When enabled, receiving a closing signal will trigger the creation of a reversal position. The reversal position will be created based on the 'Amount' specified in the signal or the 'Amount' of the current position.

Attention! In hedging mode, position reversal is not possible. To apply reversal strategies, hedging must be turned off.

How can I set up a signal so that only opening a position works in the strategy, and closing a position occurs through the execution of take profit or stop loss.

You need to disable the Closings tab and enable the TP module with the desired settings.

What will happen to the position if a "flat" signal is sent by the strategy?

"flat" means that the strategy does not have any open positions. When a signal is received with the parameter "positionSide": "flat", all positions in that pair will be closed, and no reversal will occur, even if it is specified in the settings.

If I manually paste the code into the message, and the checkbox is not checked in the terminal, will it be applied?

If the option is not checked in the terminal and it is not included in the generated code, then the option will be sourced from the terminal.

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