Position list

Last update 16/05/2023

The position list is located under the chart in the 'Trading' menu.

Tab shows total open positions count.

Positions tab displays:

  1. Open positions

  2. Closed positions

  3. All positions

Table header

  1. Search by currency pair name

  2. Disabled - all positions are displayed Enabled - tab displays only executed positions, while hiding unrealized positions

  3. Total PnL for all open positions

  4. Statistics on opened Long and Short positions: - Positions Volume - Total position volume % - Number of positions - Total position %

  5. Bulk position closing panel

  6. Hide/show button for bulk operations panel

  7. Select closing order type for position and bulk operations: M - Market order F - Floating order


Open positions are restricted to a maximum of 80 currency pairs.

  • In one-way mode, you can hold a maximum of 80 open positions.

  • In hedge-mode, you can hold up to 160 open positions on 80 currency pairs.

  1. Position ID number

  2. Account ID number

  3. Position direction: LONG or SHORT

  4. Crossed - the entire wallet´s balance serves as collateral

    Isolated - Isolated position margin

  5. Leverage

  6. Currency pair name Clicking on a pair name opens its chart for editing the position

  7. Number of tokens in the position

  8. Stop Loss distance in % from current price

  9. SL label on position progress bar

  10. Current currency pair price Updates every 2 seconds

  11. Position profit/loss indicator bar

  12. PnL in percentage

  13. % Distance to Take Profit from Current Price

  14. Position volume = Quantity x Price of current currency pair

  15. Collateral (margin)

  16. Liquidation Price

  17. Position opening time

  18. Close position button

If you have one-way mode enabled on Futures, a position reversal button is displayed to the left of the position close button (item 21).

Position orders

Clicking outside a pair name displays the position's order list.

  1. Order number

  2. Filled dot indicates an unfulfilled real exchange order Empty dot dot indicates an unfulfilled virtual order

  3. Red - Sell Yellow - sell, virtual order Orange - Sell, executed order Green - Buy Lime green - Buy, virtual order Blue - Buy, executed order Grey - Cancelled order

  4. Mark up - increase position Mark down - decrease position

  5. Order type

  6. Order number in the order grid

  7. Number of tokens in the order

  8. Infographics (described below)

  9. Order price

  10. Order price editing

  11. Order execution progress in %

  12. Virtual Order Indicator Trigger type is indicated after the colon: - ob (order book) - order book - lp (last price) - current price - 1m, 5m etc. - trigger by candlestick with specified timeframe

  13. Order executed

  14. Order volume (= Quantity x Price)

  15. Order creation date and time

  16. Order execution/cancellation date and time

  17. Cancel order

Order infographic (8 items from list above)

Position price

Entry and exit fees are included in the position price, and take profit, average, and stop loss prices are calculated based on this level.

Setting the position price calculation

pagePosition price calculation

Position actions

Clicking on currency pair name will open its chart.

Clicking anywhere else on the position line expands the order list.

Management buttons at end of position line:

  1. Closing a position without creating a close order. This means any remaining tokens in the position will not be sold, and unfilled orders will be cancelled.

  2. Close a position with a close order = the number of tokens in the position. Unexecuted orders will be cancelled.

If you have enabled one-way mode for futures, a position reversal button will be displayed to the left of the position closing button (item 2).

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