Position price calculation

✔ Learn how to set up position price calculation in Finandy. Instructions on trading parameters to accurately calculate the price of a position in your account.

1. Position price calculation based on all executed orders, taking into account fees (breakeven)

For a precise understanding of risks, Finandy calculates the average position price by default, taking into account all executed orders and fees paid upon position opening and closing.

The "Based on all orders" default setting ensures a clear assessment of the dynamic breakeven price, considering all executed orders within the position. This allows you to effectively evaluate risks and make informed decisions regarding new actions.

With this calculation method, the average position price shifts when partially closing the position:

  • Downward if the reducing order price is below the position price.

  • Upward if the reducing order price is above the position price.

2. Position calculation from increasing executed orders, including fees

For traditional position price calculations, select the option "Based on executed increasing orders" and click "Save".

With this setting, only executed orders that average (increase) your position will be taken into account.

Partial exits (reductions with realized PnL) of the position are not taken into account when calculating the average position price. This setting is suitable for less frequent actions within the position.

The average position price remains unchanged when partially closing the position with this calculation method.

Finandy displays the total PnL in the position, considering partial close.

3. Based on executed increasing position orders, EXCLUDING fees

The average position price only changes when increasing the position size (fees are not taken into account).

If there is a partial position closing (reducing the position with realized PnL), it is not considered in the calculation of the average position price.

More information

Funding Fee

Funding fee influences a position's average price calculation.

The following example demonstrates the change in an Ethereum position's average price before and after funding. Average position price before funding:

Average position price after funding:

Average position price calculation:


Position Price






Funding fee


Price cost


The green upward arrow in the funding section indicates a profit for the position, resulting in an improved position price.

A funding red tick down indicates that it is a loss on the position and has worsened the price of the position.

Please note that:

  1. After applying funding, the average position price changes, while the TP/SL remains unchanged.

  2. The total funding amount is divided in half when operating in hedging mode, which occurs when both Long and Short positions are open simultaneously.


Is it possible to make the position price the same as on Binance?

No, because the display of the average position price will always consider fees, while on Binance, the price does not account for order execution fees.

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