Adding an API Key

Creating an API Key on Binance

1. Go to the page for creating an API key on Binance
2. Enter the name of the key, for example, Finandy and click on the Create API button
3. Pass the captcha test
4. In the security verification, click Get Code
Enter the received codes in the appropriate fields, as well as the authentication code from Google Autentificator and click the Submit button
5. By default, the key does not have trading permissions. To add a permission, click the Edit Restrictions button
Check the boxes for the markets you want to trade
Click Save
Enter the code from the Google Authenticator app (2FA)
6. Copy the obtained values of the API key and Secret to the Finandy terminal

Connecting an API key to Finandy

Make sure you have the Binance exchange selected (top left of the screen)
Copy the API key and Secret Key (point 6 from the previous section) to the Finandy terminal and click the Save new key button

Adding an Allowed IP List to the Binance API Key

1. Go to the page for creating an API key on Binance
2. Click the Edit Restrictions button
3. Select Restrict access to trusted IPs only in the IP access restriction block
Copy the list of IP addresses on the API keys page in the Finandy terminal
Paste into Binance and click Confirm
4. Click Save
5. And pass the security check