Last update 08/06/2023

Info block above chart

  1. Current price

  2. 24h trading volume for selected pair on chart

  3. 24-hour price change in absolute value and in %

  4. 24-hour maximum value

  5. 24-hour minimum value

  6. Funding, if Futures Market is selected

  7. Token balances for selected pair

  8. Add/remove selected pair from favorites using the button

  9. Selected currency pair icon


  1. Chart toolbar. TradingView provides the chart widget, which automatically saves drawn lines every 10 seconds. Changes are only saved in the active tab.

  2. Current pair name on the chart. Clicking on the name opens a dialog to select a different currency pair.

  3. Interval (timeframe or candlestick size) for selected pair. You can set the interval by entering numbers from the keyboard.

  4. Chart type. Bars, Japanese candles or just lines.

  5. Indicators. You can add standard indicators to the chart by clicking on the name and accessing the library, which is different from the official TradingView website.

  6. Chart settings. Candlestick colour settings and other custom settings.

  7. Expand the chart to full screen.

  8. Take a chart´s screenshot.

  9. Hide/Show orders on chart.

10. Stop Loss order (SL).

11. Position level. Breakeven, including entry and exit fees, is calculated by default. The example shows a Short position.

12. Take Profit order (TP).

13. Average execution price of all TP orders.

14. Currency pair current price.

15. Price scale. To change the chart scale vertically, hold down the left mouse button and drag up or down. To change it horizontally, scroll the mouse wheel on the chart. To change it relative to the mouse cursor, hold down the CTRL button.

16. Current time and time zone. It is possible to change the time zone to your current one.

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