Last update 19/02/2024

At Finandy Exchange, you have the option to choose liquidity. Liquidity determines trading instrument selection and order processing. For instance, opting for OKX liquidity grants access to all currency pairs, order book, and order execution provided by OKX Exchange.

Liquidity switch

  1. Open account page.

  2. Choose 'Liquidity' from the menu.

  3. Select the liquidity you plan to trade through the Finandy platform.

Note: Changing liquidity will result in the following modifications:

  1. Deposit addresses and balances will update, as each liquidity has its own associated wallets.

  2. Current positions will refresh in the selected liquidity's position list. It is advisable to close all positions before changing liquidity.

  3. Automatic transfer of USDT balance when changing liquidity will be available from March 15th (before this date, the transfer must be done manually through the blockchain network).


On a verified account, you can connect up to 20 sub-accounts on the Finandy exchange in each liquidity group. Hence, the maximum number of sub-accounts is 40 (20 sub-accounts for OKX and 20 sub-accounts for Binance).


What are the advantages of using OKX liquidity instead of FastAPI?

Currently, there is no difference, as you are utilizing the OKX infrastructure in both cases. However, in the future, additional incentives are planned for trading on our exchange.

Do I need to go through a verification process on OKX?

Verification is a one-time process, granting access to all liquidity options on the Finandy exchange.

Who handles the storage and transmission of my personal data?

Data is within the Binance ecosystem.

What if the token is not supported in one of the liquidity groups (i.e., it's on Binance but not on OKX)?

If the token is not available in the selected liquidity, you won't be able to trade with it. You can withdraw it to an external wallet or switch to another liquidity where the token is compatible for trading.

Any other questions? We're here to assist you in our Telegram chat.

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