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Restart account

For no apparent reason, you do not need to restart your account.

In what cases can it help? 👉 Wrong balance 👉 Futures positions out of sync 👉 Gives an error or does not allow creating an order, or the order disappeared during the rearrangement

On average, an account reboots in about 15 seconds.

How much does a subscription price?

Trading on the Finandy exchange and trading with an API key on Binance** is free.

** Must have a Binance account without referral codes.

pageTrade via API

Are the exchange fees taken into account when trading?

Yes, the price of a position takes into account the commission for entering and exiting the transaction. That is, if the price of a long position is 100, then at any price above this, you will close the deal in plus.

Therefore, on the Binance website, the futures price differs from the price in our terminal, since Binance does not take into account the trading fee when calculating the position price.

Why does the price of a position shift when a take profit is executed?

By default, position price is considered for the current token (contract) balance, taking into account all entry and exit fees for the trade, i.e. this is the actual position breakeven.

If you need to calculate average price for opening orders, you will need to change the account settings and for new positions the price will be calculated without taking into account the position's partial closure.

pagePosition price calculation

Is it safe to trade through your service? Will my coins be stolen?

There are two ways to trade on Finandy:

  1. On Finandy Exchange We are an official Binance broker. Trading on Finandy is as safe as trading on Binance.

  2. Via the API key on the Binance exchange Only orders are handled via the API key. It is impossible to withdraw coins via an API key, unless you give separate permission to do so. This option is disabled by default.

How can I maximise account security?

  1. Enable 2FA;

  2. Add a Telegram bot;

  3. When trading with an API key, add an allowed IP list;

  4. Use a unique complex password on your account;

  5. Use a unique email address that you don't use anywhere else.

I can't connect 2FA, I get a message that code is incorrect.

There may be several solutions:

  1. Each time you reload the page a new QR code is generated. You may have added the Finandy website to the Google Authenticator app and then reloaded the page in the terminal. In this case, you must delete the Finandy website in the Google Authenticator app and scan the new QR code from the terminal.

  2. You have not synchronised the clock on your phone. In this case you need to synchronise your clock, delete Finandy's website in the Google Authenticator app and scan the new QR code from the terminal.

I have lost access to Google Authenticator, what should I do?

Log in with your username and password and click on the link for further instructions.

I have changed position control settings, will they be applied automatically?

Yes, all changes in position management are automatically applied after pressing the Save button in module configuration. In each module, the Save button must be pressed separately.

Will the exchange ban my account if I earn a lot?

Exchanges provide official APIs specifically for trading through them. Exchanges receive commissions from transactions, so they are equally profitable if you trade through the exchange or through the API.

I want to suggest an improvement or want to add a new feature.

Which Exchanges can I trade on?

  • Binance (Spot, Futures)

  • Finandy Exchange (Spot, Futures)

What is the API trading fee?

The fee for trading is the same as for trading through the exchange.

Binance Fees

  • By default 0.1% of trades

  • If you enable the Use BNB to pay commissions option, the commission will be 0.075%.


Fee using BNB



0.018% 🔥




Maker - an order placed in the order book. It increases market liquidity. Taker - an order that executes orders in the order book. Reduces market liquidity.

If you have BNB coins in your Futures account, you can benefit from a discount on commissions when trading Futures.

I found an error in the service, where to write?

Bugs are fixed with high priority.

Where can I get an API key to work with the Exchange?

This article details how to add an API key for Binance:

pageAdding an API Key

What do the letters L, F, M mean in the order creation form?

  • L = LIMIT order

  • F = Floating order

  • M = Market order

  • S = Stop Limit order

  • Т = Trailing order

Key added, but no balances are displayed

  1. Check the APi key access to the market on the Binance website (the market should be checked) Read more: API keys

  2. Try restarting your account.

  3. Either regenerate the key, you may not have copied the key or secret completely

I can't create a position on Futures

Perhaps you do not have permission in the key or you have a referral code in your account. Read more: API Keys

If this does not help, write to the telegram chat.

Tell me, what IP should be indicated in the White list in the key settings?

pageAdding an API Key

Market unavailable

The market may be unavailable for trading in several cases:

  • API key has not been added to the account.

  • API key does not have permission to trade this market.

  • Lost connection to the server, you need to restart your account.

  • Account verification required.

If you have not been able to solve your problem, then please write to support.

How to connect telegram bot to chat in Finandy?

  1. If you already have a telegram bot connected in the terminal, then delete it.

  2. Create a telegram bot or add an existing bot to the desired chat.

  3. Connect the bot in the terminal, just send the authorization message from step 7 not to the bot, but to the chat where you added the bot from step 2 of this instruction.

I have lost access to telegram bot, what should I do?

You can restore access to your telegram account by using the secret word, to do this go to Delete telegram bot - No access to Telegram bot.

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