Account verification

✔ Learn how to verify your account on Finandy. This detailed guide will help you quickly and successfully verify your identity for safe trading.

Trading on the Finandy exchange is only available to verified users.

Please note that you can copy up to 20 times the verification of the main account to the connected profiles. That is, for 1 verified identity you can connect up to 20 accounts on Finandy Exchange on each liquidity.

How to copy verification to connected profiles?

1. Create an account (if you already have an account, skip this point) on and select Finandy exchange.

2. Verify your identity on the Account / Verification page.

3. Create another account on using a different browser or private mode (incognito).

4. Add the profile from step 3 to the main account from step 1 on the Account / Profiles page.

5. While in the main account, switch to the connected account and go to Account / Verification.

6. Click the "Copy verification from main profile" button.

How do I verify my identity?

1. Go to Account page.

2. Select 'Identity Verification' and click "Start Verification".

3. Select your Residence Country in the pop-up window and click Continue.

4. Indicate your citizenship and provide complete name and date of birth.

5. Choose issuing country and document type.

6. Upload or capture document photo.

7. Upload your selfie.

Your account will be verified or declined after approximately 1-3 hours.

Do you have any questions? We can help you in our Telegram chat.

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