API keys

Last updated 31/05/2023

Create API keys at Finandy Exchange for external trading or analytics purposes.

API keys can be added to Finandy terminal for trading on Binance exchange using the API key.

Select Finandy exchange in the top right corner and navigate to the Account/API Keys menu.

  1. Enter a name.

  2. Ensure that the API key has the necessary permissions for trading. By unchecking all checkboxes, the key is limited to read-only permissions.

  3. Add a list of authorized IP addresses for API key usage.

  4. Click "Create API key".


  1. White lists CANNOT contain addresses that begin with:

  • 192.168..*

  • 172...*

  • 10...*

  • 127...*


2. Learn more about API and endpoints here:

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