Last updated 29/06/2023

WARNING! Withdrawals are locked for 3 days:

  • after password change

  • after Telegram bot activation

  • after adding secret word

  • after 2FA activation

  • after deposit (for unverified accounts)

Withdrawals from Finandy exchange are processed from the spot market, so if you have funds in futures, please first transfer funds to the spot market.

pageTransfer between markets
  1. Open "Wallets" page in main menu.

  1. Open Withdrawal page, and select token.

  1. Fill out the details on the right side of the new address form:

    1. Name

    2. Network

    3. Аddress

    4. Security codes, then click "Confirm".

  1. After Address creation, provide token amount, security codes, and confirm the transaction.

Important: Commission fees and minimum withdrawal amounts vary for each pair.

After creating a withdrawal, you will receive a notification in the terminal and Telegram bot if connected in settings.

You can cancel the withdrawal within 15 seconds of creating it if you made a mistake.

Attention! Unverified accounts can make withdrawals 72 hours after making a deposit for security reasons.

Withdrawal History

Check the withdrawal status in the 'Recent Withdrawals' section by clicking 'Refresh'.

Withdrawal limits

Verified users with email confirmation have a daily withdrawal limit of 5 BTC.

Identity-verified users have a daily limit of 50 BTC.

Transfers to third-party wallets

We highly advise sending funds from Finandy Exchange to wallets under your full control, including local wallets and external services where you have personal account control.

When sending funds to a third-party wallet that you don't control, ensure the transaction passes through your personal 'intermediary wallet'.

Do not make transactions directly to external wallets using your Finandy account. We are not responsible for the secure completion of your transaction.

Withdrawal not received

Transferring funds from your Finandy account to another exchange or wallet involves 3 stages:

  • Application submission.

  • Blockchain network confirmation.

  • Deposit on the corresponding platform.

The TxID is typically generated within 2 hours, indicating a successful transaction. Please note that it may take some time for the transaction to be confirmed and funds to be credited to the specified service.

Track your transaction using the TxID on the block explorer of the respective cryptocurrency. Once your transaction is visible, expect to receive your withdrawal soon.

If your withdrawal doesn't appear on the block explorer after 4 hours, please contact Finandy customer support by opening a support ticket.

Withdrawal Errors

Binance API error: Broker account is prohibited from transfer

Your account is blocked from transfers. Please contact Finandy technical support for assistance.

Binance API error: You have reached the withdrawal limit for this account. If you need to withdraw funds, please contact your account manager for further assistance.

Broker's daily withdrawal limit has been reached, please try to withdraw funds later.

Do you have any questions? We can help you in our Telegram chat.

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