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The withdrawal of funds from the Finandy exchange occurs from the spot market, so if you have funds on the Futures, then first make a transfer of funds to the Spot market.
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    Open the Withdrawal page, select the token, fill in the fields of the new address: name, network, address, insert the two-factor authorization code (2fa) from the Google Authenticator application and click confirm.
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    After creating the Address, you just need to enter the number of tokens to withdraw, insert the 2fa code from the application and confirm the operation.
Please note that each pair has its own fee and the minimum allowable withdrawal amount.
After creating a withdrawal, you will receive a notification in the terminal, as well as in the telegram bot, if you have connected it in the settings.
You can cancel the withdrawal within 15 seconds after its creation in case you made a mistake with the withdrawal.
Attention! For security reasons, withdrawals for unverified accounts will not be available until 72 hours after a deposit has been made.

Recent withdraws

You can check the withdrawal status in the "Recent withdrawals" section by clicking on the Refresh button.

Withdrawal limits

Email verified users have a daily withdrawal limit of 5 BTC.
Users who have passed the identification procedure have a daily limit of 100 BTC.

Transfers to third-party wallets

We strongly recommend to users to only send funds from Finandy Exchange to wallets which they have full control over. This includes local wallets and external services where you personally control an account. If you wish to send funds to a wallet or account you are not in control of yourself, please ensure that the transaction goes through an intermediary personal wallet before sending to the third-party wallet. Transactions made to third-party wallets should not be made directly using a Finandy account, and we cannot take responsibility for the safe completion of your transaction if done.

Withdrawal was not received.

Transactions from your Finandy account to other exchange or wallet separated in 3 stages.
  • Application registration.
  • Blockchain network confirmation.
  • Deposit on the relevant platform.
TxID is generated within 2 hours usually, TxID means, transaction was successfully generated. Needs some time after that to confirm this transaction and credit funds to the specified service.
Most of the cryptocurrencies has a block explorer, in which you can track your transactions using TxID. If your transaction is in block explorer, then soon your withdrawal will be received.
If after 4 hours your withdrawal is not displayed in block explorer, please open ticket to the Finandy support

Withdrawal Errors

Binance API error: Broker account is prohibited from transfer - your account is blocked for transfer, please contact Finandy technical support
Binance API error: You have reached the withdrawal limit for this account. If you need to withdraw funds, please contact your account manager for further assistance. - Broker's daily withdrawal limit has been reached, please try to withdraw funds later.