Order types

Last update 07/04/2024

Terminal can create both real (exchange) and virtual orders, which place a real order based on trigger conditions.

Real order

R (Real) - all exchange types + Floating orders

Virtual order

V (virtual) - places an exchange order (Limit, Float, Market) when the trend hits a trigger price.

Futures fees

Maker fee = 0.02%

When executing a Limit order from the order book at a later time, the Maker commission is charged.

Taker fee = 0.05%

Taker fee is charged when orders are filled in the order book.


  1. Market order

  1. In case a limit order (e.g. buy 100) is executed at market price due to the presence of an opposite direction order in the order book, the transaction will incur a Taker fee.

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