Settings templates

Last update 14/05/2023

Customize and save multiple automation and order grid settings with templates.

By default, Template #0 automatically updates module settings every 5 seconds.

Creating templates

To create a new template, ensure that there are no open positions on the pair.

Templates list

  1. Click here

  1. Click "New template"

Settings tab within order creation panel

  1. Template name.

  2. Specify the currency pair to apply the template. To apply the template to all currency pairs, leave the field blank.

  3. New template creation button.

Editing templates

  1. Template number Automatically assigned and displayed in template selection.

  2. Template name Custom name.

  3. Currency pair filter If you leave this field blank, the template will be applied to all currency pairs. If you specify a pair name, the template will only be displayed for that specific pair.

  4. Save button

  5. Delete button

Template Selection

Template selection is located in settings block.

Templates can only be selected for NEW positions, not for opened ones.

Templates are created with default settings. You need to select them after creation

and then configure all modules and order panel,

and click "Save" changes.

Templates with a different currency pair mask are not displayed in the list.

Templates with a specific currency pair will appear with a colon, for example: 5 TP+ SL+ Fibo: BTCUSDT

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