I want to copy trades (copy trading Binance)

✔ Copying (Copy-trading) orders (trades) on the Binance exchange using the Finandy platform: connecting to a master trader, setting up copying, risk management and bonuses.

Copy trading is exclusively available on the Finandy exchange for each market, including Spot and Futures.

Finandy exchange is an official broker of Binance.


  • Binance liquidity

  • Binance wallets

  • Binance fees

  • Free access to all Finandy features

1. Deposit funds

To activate your Finandy account, make a deposit following the instructions:


2. Copier connection

Master ID connection

If you have the Master ID you want to copy trades from, you can connect to copy their trades on the settings page.

Marketplace connection

Choose a suitable trader and connect to copy their trades.

Copy trading is configured separately for Spot and Futures markets. To do this, you need to select the corresponding market option at the top left and proceed with its settings.

3. Set Up Copy Trading

Your ID

If user connection requires approval, please provide your ID to the Master Trader for verification.

Мaster trader ID

You can see the Master Trader ID whose trades you are copying.


Enable or disable copying operations.

Account restart by Master allowed

If this option is enabled, the Master Trader can restart your account in the event of an account version update.

Connection status

  • Awaiting Master's approval If Master has activated new connections approval and your account has not been confirmed yet, you will need to wait for confirmation.

  • Connected Your account is connected for copying.

Master Trader Bonus

Every Monday, the Master Trader is eligible for a bonus determined by the week's total profit. No bonus is provided in case of a loss.


Terminate copy-trading connection with the Master Trader.

Telegram account

By providing a link to your Telegram account, the master can contact you if necessary.

Position type

  • All - all positions are copied

  • Long only: only Long positions are copied

  • Short only: only Short positions are copied

Minimum deposit for position opening

The master trader sets the limit. New positions will be copied only if your balance exceeds the specified limit.

Position size calculation

Supported methods for calculating quantity:


  • In proportion to the master's balance

When the Master creates an order, the percentage of the Master's total account balance is calculated using the following formula % = order amount / master balance x 100

Example №1

  • Master Trader balance $1000

  • Copier balance $100

Master orderCopied order

20 USDT ( 2 % of balance)

100 х 2% = 2 USDT The order will not be created due to the quantity being below the exchange's minimum requirement.

150 USDT ( 15 % of balance)

100 х 15% = 15 USDT

Example №2

  • Master Trader balance $100

  • Copier balance $1000

Master orderCopied order

20 USDT ( 20 % of balance)

1000 х 20% = 200 USDT

90 USDT ( 90 % of balance)

1000 х 90% = 900 USDT

  • 1 in 1

The quantity is copied exactly as the master without any modifications, regardless of the connected user's balance.

Example. Copy trading in Spot Market.

  • Master Trader balance $1000

  • Copier balance $100

Master orderCopied order



250 USDT

Copier will not be able to open the order, there is not enough balance.


Enter numerical values in the field to enable order volume calculation on your side instead of the Master's side.

  • Order volume, USD

Each position will be opened for a fixed amount specified in USD.


  • Master Trader balance $100

  • Copier balance $150 (1.5 times deposit)

Master orderCopied order


100 USDT


100 USDT

  • Available balance %

The opening order is determined by a percentage calculation using the follower's available balance.


  • Master Trader balance $100

  • Copier balance $200 (2x deposit)

  • At the time of placing the order, the follower's account has $100 available

  • The order size is calculated as 20% of the available balance

Master order

Copied order


20 USDT (20% of $100)

100 USDT

20 USDT (20% of $100)

  • Full balance, %

Positions are opened according to the specified percentage of the copier's full balance.


  • Master Trader balance $100

  • Copier balance $150 ( 1.5 times deposit ) and percentage of the total balance is set to 10%

Master order

Copied order


15 USDT (10% of $150)

100 USDT

15 USDT (10% of $150)

Position averaging

Averaging is calculated proportionally based on the current position amount.

For example, if the master holds a $100 position and averages it at $200, the copier will also have an order created at twice the amount of their current position.

Maximum total position volume

If the sum of open positions + amount of the order exceeds the specified limit, the order creation will be rejected. If left empty, the limit is disabled.

Maximum position volume

If the amount in position + amount of the order being created exceeds the specified limit, the order creation will be rejected. If empty, the limit is disabled.

Maximum position loss

If the loss of a position exceeds the specified value (in dollars), the position will be closed. If left empty, the limit is disabled.

Maximum number of open positions

If the total number of open positions reaches or exceeds the specified quantity when receiving a signal to open a new position, the signal to open the new position will be ignored. If left empty, the limit is disabled.

4. Track your bonus rewards

Weekly bonuses are credited on Mondays for a positive overall PnL.

If PnL was positive after closing a position, a portion of the profit is allocated to a separate account.

If PnL was negative after closing a position, a portion of the profit is returned from the reserve account back to the wallet.

If a profit is generated over a 7-day period, a portion of the profit will be transferred from the reserve account to the Master Trader's spot wallet on Monday, based on the specified percentage in the Copy Trading settings.

The reserve account is credited within minutes, not after each position closure. Amounts are rounded to $0.5, guaranteeing a transfer to the reserve account only when there is an accumulation of at least $0.5.

Bonus Calculation Example

User's balance when connected = 1000 USDT.

Master Trader commission = 50%.

  • Based on the results of the trading week, the profit from closed positions amounted to 100 USDT. The balance of the Copier after paying the bonus to the Master will amount to 1050 USDT. The bonus for the Master will amount to 50 USDT.

  • During the next trading week, there was a loss of PnL = -250 USDT.

    No bonus will be granted, and the Copier's balance is 800 USDT. Bonus will not be credited for this losing week.

  • In the following week, the profit from closed positions amounted to 100 USDT.

    After deducting the bonus payment to the Master, the Copier's balance will be 850 USDT. The master bonus will be 50 USDT.

5. Disconnect from Master Trader

There are 2 options for disconnecting from the master trader:

  • during active copying

  • after the execution of all master trader positions

Disconnecting from the master trader during active copying

You can disconnect from the master trader at any time by clicking the Delete icon

Disconnect after execution of all positions by the master trader

The user can wait until positions in the master trader are closed without opening new ones. To do this, set the limit for the number of open positions in the master trader's connection settings to 0.

And after all positions have been executed - delete the master trader from active positions as described above. An example is shown in the image below.

Note: The limitation imposed on the maximum number of positions refers specifically to opening positions, not to averages received from the master trader.

6. Copy-Trading Risks

Trading and investing carry inherent risks, including the potential for loss or reduced profitability due to market downturns or unforeseen events. Profitability in the cryptocurrency market cannot be guaranteed.

Copy-trading carries an additional risk as the buying and selling decisions in the copier's account are made by the chosen master trader. If the strategy fails to meet expectations, it can lead to losses for both the master trader and the subscribed copying accounts.

Finandy platform provides a copying service that takes into account how API partner exchange operates. This includes ensuring liquidity (for the bought or sold volume), liquidation rules, changing order size limits, and price slippage.

Final control of trade copying accuracy is conducted by both Master Trader and connected user. Situations that may cause desynchronization include changes in partner exchange's operating rules, lack of API response from partner exchange, or missed updates of account. If a situation contradicts copying trader's trading strategy, activities may occur that don't match Master Trader's actions (e.g., closing, reducing, or increasing positions).

Trades executed independently by the copying user are not regulated by Finandy platform and carry inherent risks, including the potential for complete liquidation of the account balance. It is important to note that such positions are governed by the copy-trading agreement, and a commission will be paid to the Master Trader in case of favorable outcomes.

7. FAQ

When will the changes in the Master Trader's bonus percentage take effect?

The new settings will take effect on the upcoming Monday, following the bonus allocation to the Master Trader.

Is it possible to subscribe to multiple Masters at the same time?

At the moment, our system supports a single market (Spot or Futures) and allows connection to only one Master Trader. Connecting to multiple Master Traders using a single account is not available.

The master trader opened a position before I joined. What will happen if I join later?

Only NEW positions will be copied, and the old ones will be completely ignored.

If I independently increase/decrease/close the current position without waiting for the master's actions, how will it affect the calculation of the master trader's bonus?

Bonuses for master traders are credited for all closed positions formed through copy trading, even if they are manually closed by you.

Any questions? We can help in our Telegram Chat.

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