Disclaimer (FIN token)

Read the disclaimer about the FIN token on the Finandy platform. The detailed document explains the risks associated with investing in the FIN token.

  1. FIN is a utility token exclusively issued by the Finandy exchange to reduce trading fees. Additionally, the FIN token can be used for marketing purposes.

  2. The FIN token is not an investment instrument. FIN should not be considered as a security and should not be perceived as such by token holders.

  3. Finandy Limited does not provide any income guarantees to token holders, neither currently nor in the future, although they may profit from token value appreciation. The change in token price depends on various factors, most of which are beyond the control of Finandy Limited. Finandy Limited recommends considering the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market when acquiring and selling FIN.

  4. Finandy Limited is not an investment expert and does not provide investment advice. Any information about the FIN token should not be considered or perceived as investment advice by token holders. Finandy Limited is not responsible for the advice or information provided by users of the Finandy service in the chats, which are supported and moderated by Finandy.

  5. Finandy Limited is not liable for any decrease in the value of FIN (including a decrease to zero) or for the refusal of any exchanges or specialized companies to exchange the FIN token for other tokens or fiat currency.

  6. The holder of FIN agrees to all the terms and conditions set forth in its issuance agreement.

  7. Finandy Limited is not responsible for any legislative restrictions that may be imposed now or in the future on the holder of FIN. The holder of FIN warrants that the ownership and transfer of FIN are not prohibited by their applicable laws.

  8. Finandy Limited is not responsible for any tax consequences that may arise for the token holder and strongly recommends studying taxation issues before acquiring FIN.

  9. Finandy Limited states that the issuance of FIN is in accordance with the existing legislation of Finandy Limited. However, Finandy Limited is not liable for any further actions by any government authorities that may have a negative impact on FIN, including a potential complete prohibition of issuance and circulation.

  10. Finandy Limited acknowledges that changes and additions may be made to the issuance terms. Finandy Limited undertakes to publish them on the website in a timely manner and recommends that token holders regularly review the relevant sections. Finandy Limited is committed to personally notifying users of any changes.

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