Finandy Docs

Trading Fees

  • Fee on Finandy are equal to Binance's VIP0 level.
  • On the spot market 0.1%
  • On the futures market, commission on all pairs:
Taker 0.04% (when a created order executes orders from the order book),Maker 0.02% (when an order is placed in the order book)


  • There is no commission reduction for increased trading volume
  • Reduction of commission at BNB on Finandy is not foreseen
  • No commission for pairs
  • The commission is determined by Binance and returned to Finandy once the transaction is completed. The user always sees an approximate (maximum possible) level of commissions
  • Commissions are taken into account upon opening a pair and are set at the breakeven line
  • You can see more details about commissions here: Fee​