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Stop order

Last updated 14/05/2023
A Binance algorithmic order that generates a real order once the trigger price is reached.
  • Spot: Limit order available
  • Futures: Limit or Market Order available
To place a Stop-Limit order, you need to set the trigger price at which the limit order will be placed.
For example, a BUY order is created:
  • Trigger price = 100
  • Order price = 99.5
If the price reaches 100, a limit order will be automatically placed to buy at 99.5, which is 0.5% below the current market price.
In a Stop Limit order, the order price is set by default, so when trigger price is reached, the order is executed at market price.
Switching between Stop-Limit and Stop-Market in Futures
  • Stop-limit
  • ​Stop-Market
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