🔥 FREE SUBSCRIPTION! Trade for free with an API key on the Binance exchange or on the Finandy exchange.
🦾 Futures trading Possibility to open both Long and Short positions using 1-125x leverage. The liquidation price is calculated and the leverage is selected in the order creation form.
💥 Hedging mode on Binance Futures. VIDEO Open Long and Short at the same time and insure risks or use your strategy with averaging.
💪 Margin trading Earn money by lowering the price of coins! The loan returns once an hour automatically.
Spot trading Visual representation of transactions in the form of a position, calculation of breakeven. Get profit on the growth of coins.
🤖 Automatic entry or exit according to the TradingView strategy. VIDEO Using your algorithm written in PINE-scripts in TradingView, you can automatically create orders in the terminal.
📡 Creating an order on a signal from your server Enter positions according to your own algorithm using Finandy's powerful infrastructure
🔍 Trailing stop loss. VIDEO Get maximum profit from each movement impulse using Trailing Stop Loss.
🧬 Creating orders on the Fibonacci grid Creation, editing and auto-arrangement of orders in the Fibonacci grid when overcoming an extremum.
🚀 Sophisticated limit control and order creation without delay We have thought through the work with the API of the exchange and now you can trade even with large movements without delays and bans
💡 Calculation of the average price of a position, taking into account the commission Now you do not need to add the commission in your mind when placing a Take Profit, since the price of the position already includes the exchange commission in full
💸 Auto-setting Take Profit Auto-setting at a certain percentage or at a fixed price, rearranging after averaging by the same distance as before averaging.
Splitting Take Profit in a position. VIDEO Convenient creation of multiple take profit orders in a position.
🛑 Auto-setting Stop Loss. VIDEO Auto-placement at a certain percentage or at a fixed price of a virtual order, rearrangement after averaging by the same distance as before averaging, if it is specified in the settings.
🕯 Stop loss on trigger candle. VIDEO The trigger checks the close price and stop loss level each time the candle closes. If the condition is met, the position is closed by SL. The timeframe is selected in the settings.
🔝 Rearranging Stop Loss upon reaching goals (take profit). VIDEO When the first take profit is reached, the Stop Loss is moved to breakeven, when the second profit is reached, we move it to the price of the first take profit, and so on.
🌊 Floating order Our author's development that allows you to enter at the best price with a limit order.
Auto-cancel order Automatic cancellation of an order after a specified period of time after its creation.
🔒 Auto-closing a position Cancellation of averaging orders and closing a position if there are no redeemed coins left in it.
📈 Displaying orders and positions on the chart With the power of TradingView, you can see the price of a position and all filled and unfilled orders directly on the chart.
👉 Ability to move orders on the chart You can move any outstanding orders, take profits, stop losses, trailing profits on the currency pair chart.
👀 Preview of TP and SL on the chart before opening a position By default, Take Profit and Stop Loss are set to % of the global settings, but you can manually adjust the price of setting TP and SL on the chart.
💎 Convenient interface Modern, well-designed, user-friendly interface, honed since 2017.
📣 Notifications О всех операциях с ордерами и при закрытии позиции
💹 Currency pair ticker Ability to create a list of selected currency pairs, see dynamic price changes, trading volume for 24 hours
🛡 Safely 2FA, https, API key encryption, secure servers against hacking and DDOS attacks.
📗 Displaying an order in the order book Convenient order presentation directly in the order book
🧠 Sophisticated order creation form We spent an incredible amount of time on tests to develop the most optimal order creation form with the ability to enable / disable position control modules
🧮 Averaging (DCA) Calculation of the % lag of a position after averaging the position. The system takes into account all orders that are between the price of the order being created and the price of the position. You can also calculate the number of coins needed for the required % backlog of the position.
🎛 Position Thoughtful display of a position and a list of orders in it.
💰 Wallet balances Update balances without reloading the page. Displaying the total market balance and coin balances in orders
🕶 Dark theme Nice night theme, although we use it at any time of the day!
💬 Multilingual So far, there is full localization into 3 languages, but more than 10 languages will be added in the near future
🖥 Powerful servers and stable service We host the code on the most powerful servers running in a cluster with load balancing and monitoring to keep the system stable
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