Finandy Docs


1. Introduction

1.1. Review

Exchanges and trading platforms became one of the crucial elements of the digital assets' industry existence. Financial platforms contribute to satisfy the current demand, ensure new capitals inflow, create new developing and growing markets and trading instruments.
Infrastructure fully covers the demands of not only personal traders but also institutional investors, providing diverse services, including derivatives and asset custody.
Due to markets, the digital assets industry is on rapid technological development, getting more usability in everyday life, turning into a distributed autonomous system.

1.2. Conception

We in Finandy believe in the huge potential of blockchain sphere development.
Finandy uses only professional systems for digital assets and to provide all of the rising user demands:
  • Differently qualified and classified traders
  • Investors
  • Blockchain developers
  • Digital assets
  • Blockchain initiatives
Finandy Ecosystem:
  • Trading terminal
  • Spot exchange
  • Binance broker
  • Finandy token (FIN)
  • Bots marketplace
On the basis of the ecosystem the platform will be maximum effective in nowadays’ market demands and will make a great contribution to the digital assets’ industry development.

2. Trading terminal

2.1. Presentation

With new technologies opportunities for profitable tradings raised a lot and by virtue of technical instruments it is easier to make more informed decisions.
Unfortunately, the other side of progress has turned trading into a tangle of indicators and strategies, making trading even more confusing and unpredictable. Add to this the dynamic change in market or, on the contrary, the obvious ignorance of the market for positive or negative factors.
When the orientation and the management is becoming the most necessary and complicated part of the trading, creating an effective solution for handling and navigating all of these factors together is not an easy task!
Traders experience information overload due to a lack of automation and data management tools, which prevents them from fragmenting noise, reducing risk and trading more efficiently.

2.2. Purpose

Finandy offers personalized solutions for individual and corporate traders and institutional investors, dealing with digital assets. In transactions Finandy terminal provides clarity of factors and structures all technical parameters for your position.
Using modules you easily realise your trading strategies and additional settings provided with maximal customization.
While using Finandy you have no need to switch to another sources, sacrificing optimization, time and your position autonomy. Use Finandy terminal with your own method concentrating on decision making with no “noise”.
Finandy terminal is made on module type which allows high flexibility in setting position management. For Indicators combination you need to on/off the module and make your settings.
For complicated and author’s strategies using several occasions and the combination of indicators Tradingview web-hooks’ on PINE-scripts are provided.
As a result, you will have very flexible setting instruments for your tasks.

2.3. Automation

Finandy terminal - free automated system for opening and managing positions on spot, marginal and futures accounts on Binance exchange using TradingView PINE-scripts.
Terminal automates routine and similar work of traders to set Take Profits, Averaging and Stop Loss, and also provides a number of additional tools that make trading more clear and simple.

2.4. Partial functions

🔥 Free registration Make only 3 steps to have a free subscription to use a Finandy terminal.
🦾 Trading futures Opening short and long positions using 1-125 leverage. Liquidation price count and the leverage choosing is done on the orders opening form.
💥 Hedge mode for futures Open Short and Long orders simultaneously - insure risks or use Averaging in your strategy.
💪 Margin trading Earn money on both price rise and fall in BTC pairs. Loan is given once in hour automatically after position close.
⭐ Spot trading Get profit on price rise. Clear representation of transactions, calculating the break-even.
🚀 Sophisticated limit control and order creation without delays We have worked out with the exchange API so that you could trade without delays and bans even on big movements.
💡 Counting order average price considering fees Now you do not need to add the fees in mind in setting Take Profit, as the position price includes all the fees in it already.
💸 Auto-placing Take Profit Auto-placing on certain percent or on fixed price, transpositioning after Averaging on the same interval as before Averaging.
➗ Dividing Take profits in position Usable opening of multiple Take profit orders in position.
🛑 Auto-placing Stop Loss Auto-placing on curtain percent or on fixed price of the virtual order, transpositioning after Averaging on the same interval as before Averaging, if it’s set up.
🕯 Stop Loss on trigger trading candle Trigger checks the closure price and the Stop Loss level on each candle closure. If the conditions are satisfied the position closes by SL. Timeframe is to be chosen in settings.
🔝 Transpositioning of Stop Loss upon reaching targets (Take Profit) To make first Take Profit you are provided by Stop Loss breakeven, after you get to the second profit the price of the first Take profit is transposed etc.
🌊 Floating order Our authoring development allows to enter a limit order at the best price.
🔒 Position auto-closure Cancel averaging orders and close a position when the TP or SL is filled 100%
📈 Display of orders and positions on the chart Thanks to TradingView you can see and transpose position price and all the executed and open orders on the chart.
👉 Ability to transpose order on chart You can transpose all of your open orders, TakeProfits, Stop Losses, Trailing Profits on the currency pair chart.
👀 Preview of TP and SL on chart before position opening Default settings of TP and SL are set on percent from global settings, but in charts you can regulate the price of TP and SL.
💎 Usable interface Modern, elaborated, usable interface in process of constant development from 2017.
📣 Notifications To all operations with orders and position closure.
💹 Currency pairs ticker Ability to make your own list of favorite currency pairs, see the dynamic price change and the exchange volume for 24 hours.
🛡 Safety 2FA, https, API-keys encryption, saving servers from hack attack and DDOS-attack.
📗 Display of the order in Orders book Usable display of the order on the Orders book.
🧠 Elaborated order opening form We have spent a huge amount of time for tests to make the most useful and optimal form for order opening with position management modules on/off.
🧮 Averaging (DCA, CA) Counting the percent of the position lag after position averaging. System considers all orders between the price of the opening order and the position price. Also it can count the coins quantity necessary for the needed position lag %.
🎛 Position Elaborated display of the position and orders list on it.
💰 Wallet balance Refresh balances without reloading the page. Displaying the overall market balance and coin balances in orders.
🔍 BNB balance auto-control If you are using BNB to get discount on fees payment, you wont need to look after the BNB balance to pay the fee - service is doing that automatically!
🕶 Dark theme Very comfortable dark theme, but we use it every time!
💬 Multilanguage For now we have a total version of 3 languages, in coming soon we are planning to add 10 and more languages.
🖥 Powerful server and stable services We use only powerful servers for our codes running in the cluster with load balancing and monitoring the system stable work.
🤖Automated open/close by your algo Using own algorithm on TradingView PINE-scripts you can administer your position automatically.

2.5. Security

We spend impressive amount of time on safeness of our product. For security reasons, we cannot announce the entire list of measures we take, we publish only some of them:
  • Users API-keys are saved in encrypted form.
  • Data base of the encrypted user keys are saved on separate unpublic servers in cluster, access to which is limited by software and hardware.
  • Servers software is updated on a regular basis.
  • We use SSL-encryption as for users connection, and internal data exchange in the system.
  • 2Fa - authorization system.

3. Binance broker

3.1. Program description

All of the Finandy financial products will be done on the Binance Broker program base including services on customers assets administration, portfolio diversification, that gives more developmental perspectives with diverse markets, from spot and futures markets trading to crypto services, such as marginal trading, financing and many others.
Binance Broker program allows Finandy to make own crypto exchange and get access to the data and technologies used by the biggest world crypto exchange. From our side, we are less working on liquidity and market depth, that allows us to focus on providing unique professional trading services and our brand marketing.

3.2. Binance Broker advantages

  • Paying brokers up to 60% trading commissions;
  • Using Binance advantages of liquidity and the market depth;
  • Using assets administration infrastructure and world class security;
  • Receiving support and personal marketing consultations;
  • Binance uses 10% of the profit from this program to reward 10 top Binance brokers ranged by the trading volume;
  • Partnering-brokers receive invitation to the Binance Annual Global partner’s conference;
  • Conducting tournaments for the traders of different qualifications.

4. Finandy Exchange

4.1. Mission

Finandy Exchange mission is to develop the blockchain industry and to support the existing and new digital assets by organizing the best service for users.
We are based on conviction that digital assets widen the rights and abilities of people all around the world and help the world to faster accept the cryptocurrency and to integrate blockchain into everyday life.

4.2. Trading products

Finandy Exchange debut with maximum of possible and modern set of trading solutions:
  • Spot exchange
  • Derivatives with leverage up to 125x
Finandy Exchange is arranged with the consideration of the modern trading solutions taken from our trading terminal and absolutely available for broker exchange.

4.3. High performance.

Project is working on one of the popular frameworks developed by the Facebook team with open code - React JS. We choose this framework for it’s reliability, speed and flexibility in building IT solutions allowing to receive data in a stream without reloading the page.
Server works on NGINX technologies which are distinguished by their reliability, speed, multithreading and the number of simultaneous operations.
We are using a modern Mongo DB file-based distributed database that has the ability to process a large number of requests per second without delay. This database operates in a cluster of many servers, on which complete duplication of information occurs. Thanks to the automations developed by the Mongo team, we got a flawlessly working database, even if one of the Master servers fails, the Slave server is activated automatically with a delay of less than a second.
We have at our disposal high-tech, high-performance servers on an Intel processor and SSD drives with NVM Express protocol, formed into a cluster to distribute the received load.
Our team has developed a monitoring that controls the work of the system. If a problem is detected, the system automatically removes an incorrectly working server from the cluster, all services are automatically transferred to the backup server. And our team is notified about the incident.

4.4. Liquidity

According to Mr.Changpeng Zhao:
“As the crypto infrastructure begins to build up quickly and large exchanges are finally able to offer true trading depth coupled with sufficient liquidity to attract traditional traders, brokerage firms – including prime brokerage therefore – are preparing to enter the market, paving the way for the next phase of growth in the sector”.
In development of the industry and increasing growth rates brokers in crypto space aim to offer competitive trading services, to attract major retail and institutional investors and connect more cryptocurrency markets.
By offering complicated trading services for main investors, crypto brokers will be able to spearhead the professional development of the cryptocurrency market using the security and expertise of existing cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as their overall market depth and liquidity. In turn, the inflow of capital attracted by cryptocurrency brokers will help increase the liquidity of exchanges.
We totally agree with this statement and think it will help to overcome the wide gaps of the industry between small crypto exchanges and industry giants. Closing gaps creates a more competitive marketplace, where each participant is committed to work with integrity and provide relevant services.

4.5. Safety

Unfortunately hackers and scammers are permanently trying to hack the exchanges and seeking for weak links in the cryptocurrency industry. Facing such problem, many exchanges and wallets have shown themselves to be unsafe, unreliable, and not meeting safety parameters. Since 2011, over 1 million bitcoins have been stolen by hackers and scammers.
Traders faced an unexpected platform shutdown and loss of profits due to instability. Regulators and institutional investors have pointed out these shortcomings that are currently hampering the growth of cryptocurrencies.
Core valuable assets in Finandy are held in World’s best crypto exchange Binance. As it mentioned above, Finandy is a Binance broker and uses one of the safest platforms today to trade and store digital assets . When you generate an address, make a deposit, withdrawal, be sure that it was created for you at Binance and provided with all security systems.


5. Bots marketplace

5.1. Needs

Technical analysis is an essential tool of modern trader and market participants use very diverse trading strategy combinations with the help of indicators. Positional trades, arbitrage, scalping and trend trading - each of these styles requires a specific psychological approach.
To this end, technical analysis indicators were invented as supporting tools, which allow obtaining data for a risk manager or finding the best “entry” point to a position. Sometimes, in order to fully implement a strategy, it is necessary to use a whole range of algorithms and indicators.
But more often it is impossible to manually track more than two indicators at the same time, and it is even more difficult to have time to react in time, even if you are fully concentrated.

5.2. Solution

A configured set of trading indicators developed in conjunction with the analysis of current market conditions are called bots.
Bots can analyze more than a hundred parameters simultaneously when placing orders based on historical trading data.
The main advantages of using bots:
  • Solution making speed Even well experienced traders spend plenty amount of time for market analysis, whereas newcomers often do not have time to conduct analytics at all. That becomes a cause of missed opportunities, potential profit loss or material losses from not closing position on time. Trading bot’s analyse all the parameters 1000 times faster than human can do, especially when there is a complex of technical analysis.
  • Finding setups and analysing unlimited quantity of pairs Often in cryptocurrency trading comparatively to stock, different pairs have lower correlation in relation to general, especially to BTC cross pair and that fact creates a real attraction. Figures on such setups are well readable, predictable and have expressed price targets.
  • Human factors’ absence Depending on physical and psychological condition, a person can look and see one technical picture in a different ways and give different evaluation. Whereas bots work on strict set algos 24/7 not missing cases if there are signals.
  • Emotions absence Professional traders know that 50% of success is on controlling emotions. Venturesome traders - is a gamer, but the capitulator will not succeed either. Emotions also exhaust a person and disturb in making disciplined decisions that often becomes a reason of big losses.
  • Free time Many market users do not devote their main activity to trading and perceive trading as an additional source of income, and they can not emit extra time for education and formation trading strategies. In this case trading bots also do a very big deal in solving such tasks.

5.3. Market formation

Obviously each trader has own needs for automation, set of strategies, indicators and market analysis. And to create a bot deep technical coding and trading knowledges are needed. Finandy marketplace gives and impulse for new direction and entire market, where coders could offer their engineering services and sell them to the community. Wherein Finandy system will be analysing the activity of each bot and display rating. That will let perspective engineering's to receive worthy reward, and for users to have best solutions.
Systems will be powered by on TradingView PINE-scripts.

6. Tokenomics

6.1. Parameters

Token: Finandy Ticker: FIN Platform: ERC20 Ethereum Token Address: 0x56d649FF34e83b61c94Da1E6f92617b7C5210beB Start date: August 21st 2020

6.2. Distribution

Maximum supply
200 000 000
50% FIN from maximum offer
For Public sale
30% FIN from maximum offer
8% FIN from maximum offer
Developers fund
10% FIN from maximum offer
Bounty campaign
2% FIN from maximum offer
Token-sale completed
Maximum offer: 200 000 000 FIN (will be mined till 2027)
  • Project fund would be used for 10 years for all project fees such as new developments, listings, market’s opening, salaries, risks hedging etc. Withdrawn only for reasonable and consistent needs.
  • Public sale offers are to get starting resources to provide legal basis, license, starting capital and Binance insurance deposit 3000 BNB within the Binance Broker program.
  • The team share is distributed among all project participants in fair proportions for managers, coders, founders and marketing specialists, that will create the whole team’s maximum involvement in engineering and developing processes.
  • Community bounty payment program to build a community, organize competitions and distribute to active contributors helping infrastructure.

7. Ecosystem

7.1. Mining

When you pay trading fees in Finandy broker Exchange, will be returned 15% to you in FIN tokens counted by current exchange rate.
For instance: you have a Referral subscription and after you paid trading fees for 0.001 BTC on all markets with FIN exchange rate on 0.00000200 BTC you will receive a reward of 75 FIN.

7.2. Utility

FIN token will be inextricably linked to all Finandy processes and products:
  • 50% discount for all Finandy paid services in providing to payment with FIN token. Example of paid services: paid subscription, PROP trading paid version and others...
  • Ability to pay trading fees with 25% discount, using FIN tokens, in case of turning off mining.
  • Buying trading bots on Marketplace with 50% discount if paid in FIN token.

8. RoadMap

9. Risks

9.1. Regulations

Cryptocurrency industry is comparatively young and insufficiently explored so far. In many countries and jurisdictions it is not recognized by governments or not regulated at all. It is impossible to predict the future relations of different countries to cryptocurrency and Finandy in particular. Future regulating activities may have negative influence on Finandy because of direct or indirect prohibitions towards industry in general.
Finandy may terminate operations in certain jurisdictions if regulations or changes in law make it impossible or illegal to continue operating in those jurisdictions.

9.2. Lack of demand technical solutions

Most of the services engineered by Finandy are unique on market and there is no 100% assurance that these technical decisions will be demanded for their intended purpose. Services’ lack of demand will mean projects’ more long development, than it is planned by the team.

9.2. Safety

Many exchanges stopped their operations because of safety problems.
We place great emphasis on security using Binance technology, but there is no guarantee or the ability to 100% ensure security against unpredictable factors.

9.3. Compatibility

Due to its immaturity and small number of restrictions, the cryptocurrency sphere attracts a lot of developers and every day we see the appearance of new promising projects. This makes the industry fast growing and competitive enough. In a similar environment, survives solutions that offer services in the spirit of today's needs.