Stop Loss (SL)

Last updated 22/05/2023

1. Enabled

If enabled, a Stop Loss will be added when the position is opened.

2.1 Stop loss level as % of breakeven price

Stop loss order will be placed at % of the position's break-even price upon opening.

For example, if a Long position (including all entry and exit commissions) was opened at a price of 200 and a deviation of 3% is specified (as in the screenshot at point 2), the SL will be placed at price = 200 x (100 - 3) / 100 = 194.

2.2 Stop loss as % of average grid order price.

Upon opening a position, Stop Loss will be placed as a % of the average price of all grid orders. If only one order is placed, the Stop Loss will be based on that order's level.

3. Specific Stop Loss price

Exact Stop Loss order price is specified.

To include this setting in the message code and transmit price by signal, check the box to the left. Read more->

If you specify both a percentage and an exact price, the Stop Loss order will be placed at the exact price, overriding percentage offset.

4. Order type

pageOrder types

5. Level Reordering

If enabled, SL adjusts automatically after averaging position price, maintaining the same offset from position´s price as before.

6. Update settings per signal

pageUpdate settings by signal

7. Controlling an option on the signal

pageControlling an option in the signal

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