Signal copying

Last updated 23/05/2023

A signal connected in Master Hook mode does not create orders, but instead forwards the received signal to all connected hooks.

1. Enabling Master Hook Mode

Activate Master hook as shown in the screenshot below:

Master Hook ID will appear below the Signal Message:

Copy this ID.

2. Connecting to a Master Hook to copy signals

Create a new hook on the same or any other account and select Master Hook as the Signal Source.

The field to enter Master Hook ID will load below. Paste the copied (step 1) Hook ID into it.

Settings for Webhook connected to Master

Signal orders will use the Master Hook's settings upon connection.

If you need to make changes to settings, such as changing the size of the created order, you need to:

  1. Uncheck the box to edit

  2. Modify

  3. Save

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