Roadmap 1.0


Q1 2023
  • Finandy Exchange Launch
  • FINUSDT launch
  • FIN Token sale completion


Q4 2022
  • Master Trader Marketplace
  • Updated design. Flexible display settings. Ability to move blocks in the terminal
  • Last Price trigger in Stop Loss module
  • Switching between accounts
  • Option to disable 2FA with a 72hrs lockout on withdrawals
  • TradingView widget updated to the current version
  • Exchange section removed. All Exchange transactions are displayed within the closed positions section
  • List of Copy-trading logged-in users in a separate tab
  • Stop price display for stop-limit orders within position orders
  • Copy-trading module upgrades
Q3 2022
  • News blog and feature request
  • Added Funding and Liquidation Fees to PnL position Calculation
  • Stop Loss from average order grid level
  • Ability to change the leverage of the open position when creating any order in Futures
  • Verification of accounts
  • Copy Trading Marketplace added
  • Improvements in copy trading
  • Added log of signals received through the Web Hook system
Q2 2022
  • Working out the fail-safe operation of the system
  • Copytrading improvements
  • Auto resetting of the Scaled grid
Q1 2022
  • Trading Statistics
  • Numerous improvements in various terminal modules
  • Added sending of security code to email on authorization


Q4 2021
  • Сopy trading
  • Spanish version
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Upgrading Signals 2.0
  • Multiple system improvements
Q3 2021
  • Added the ability to insert the order price from the chart
  • Added the ability to copy the settings of one web hook and paste into another in Signals v2.0
  • Displayed a list of active sessions with the ability to end them in the user settings
  • Added sending email after authorization, if the account is not connected to 2fa
  • Added the ability to hide orders on the chart
  • Displayed the correct liquidation price in a position, on a chart and in the form of an order
  • Improved the logic for closing a position
  • Added notifications to Telegram
  • Added custom volumes
  • Added calculation of the equivalent amount in USD for non-dollar pairs Improvements to the SLX module
  • Added to Open Positions information on all open positions and orders for averaging (CA)
  • Notifications in messengers
  • Finandy exchange
Q2 2021
  • Virtual orders
  • Virtual stop orders for trend breakout entry strategies
  • Grids with virtual orders
  • Improvements of Signals v.2: added the maximum number of open pairs and the maximum amount of open positions
  • Improved interface and logic of presets
  • Added option to pay for Binance Pay subscription
  • Optimized work with orders via the Binance API
  • Updated TradingView charts to the latest version
  • Added a filter by pair name in open positions
  • Added autofocus to the 2FA field during authorization
  • Added saving the module settings in the form of an order by pressing the "Enter" key
  • Added an option in the SLX module that cancels all averaging orders (#CA) when placing Stop Loss at breakeven. By default, this option is disabled
  • Improved handling of the situation with error -2011
  • Added hotkeys page
  • Added check for bots during authorization and registration (reCaptcha)
  • Added interface settings page
  • Added a button for reversing a position on the chart and in the list of positions
  • Added editing of the order price in the Open orders tab and in the Open positions order tab
  • Added auto-confirmation of the code when authorizing with 2FA enabled
Q1 2021
  • Number of orders in tabs
  • Total profit in open positions
  • Hiding empty closing positions
  • Upgrade auto-save settings
  • Improving Tradingview signal processing
  • Removed excess filters in the tickets for Futures
  • Fixed a scrolling issue in the new version of Safari
  • Correction of errors in the operation of Fibonacci grids
  • Improved synchronization system for desynchronization with the Binance
  • New powerful functionality for working with signals v2.0. Signal inheritance
  • Virtual orders
  • Grid of virtual orders
  • Redesign of the order form
  • Presets
  • Trigger SL in signals Fixed a large number of minor bugs in the interface
  • Added in the SLX module the ability to select the Take Profit number by which the first permutation will be performed
  • Expanded customer support staff
  • Added withdrawal of profit in Take Profit and Stop Loss orders
  • Updated design and logic for working with order grids
  • Added selection in the form of percent in the order form, the parameter% of the current balance and leverage on futures
  • Added sorting in positions
  • New styled dropdown
  • Expanded limits in order grids up to 20 pieces


Q4 2020
  • Webhooks TradingView
  • Position reversal when trading via TradingView signals
  • Custom signals from your server
  • Trading on an isolated margin market is enabled
  • Increased system stability during DDoS attacks
  • Sound signals during order execution
  • Scaled orders
  • Fibonacci grid orders