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Position price calculation

Last updated 16/01/2023
New settings are applicable only to new positions. All position opening/closing fees are included.
  • By all orders (breakeven) Average position price calculated by executed opened & closed orders (breakeven for the current amount of coins in position)
  • By opened orders Average position price calculated by executed opened orders

Calculation of position price for all orders (breakeven)

To accurately understand the risks, Finandy calculates by default your average position price, taking into account all executed orders and all commissions that are paid when you open the position, as well as those that will be paid when you close the position.
The default setting "By all orders (breakeven)" allows you to always understand the dynamic breakeven price based on all executed orders within a position. This way, you can take your risks into account in full and decide on new actions more efficiently.

By opened orders

For traditional average position price calculations, select "By open orders" and click "Save
With this setting, only executed orders that average (increase) your position will be taken into account.If there is a partial exit (decrease with a fixed PnL) of a position, it is not taken into account in the calculation of the average price of the position. The setting is suitable for less intensive action within a position.
It is important to consider that Finandy displays the total PnL for the position, taking into account the realized profit.
Once "By opened Orders" is enabled, the setting will only be applied to new positions.



Funding influences the calculation and display of average position priceThe following example shows the average price of a position before and after the funding rate:The average price of a position before the funding:
The average price of a position after the funding:
Calculation of the average price of a position:
Price of position
Funding fee
Cost of price
A green check mark up in the Funding indicates that the Funding is a profit in the position and has improved the price of the position.A red tick down in the Funding indicates that the Funding is a loss in the position and has worsened the price of the position.
Please note: The average position price takes into account the funding rate of the position, but the TP/SL are not shifted.
Please note: The total funding rate commission is calculated and divided in half for hedging (when both Long and Short are open at the same time).
When using the settlement method: On open orders - the average price of the position is not shifted when it is partially closed.

Into position trading

The Finandy service supports the possibility of not closing a position when the TP or SL is executed, but to place an order in the position and wait for it to be executed.An example of intra-position trading is as follows:
When trading within a position, the average is not shifted "between" buying and selling, after each executed order, but between the maximum and minimum values in the position.


Question: Is it possible to show the real average price of a position on a chart, as it is on Binance?
Answer: No, you cannot. The average position will always be displayed with the entry and exit fees.