Finandy Docs

Deactivating the account

A user account can be disabled in the following cases:

1. API terminal. User accounts will be deactivated if they are in 'NO_API_KEYS', 'SUBSCR_EXPIRED' state for more than 5 days. 2. the accounts of Finandy exchange will be deactivated, if the newest position is older than 60 days.To activate the account, click on Play in the profile settings.
When the account is restarted, it will be restored to full functionality and all funds will be displayed

A user account may be disabled without warning in the following situations:

1. If the server goes offline in case of a technical failure or a disconnection on the provider's side. This is a force majeure situation. It is recommended to check account activity periodically. 2. Overloading of the account due to a large number of items. The terminal does not support more than 80 positions and 200 orders. More than this leads to malfunction. We recommend to contact technical support to solve the situation.