Finandy Docs

Telegram Bot

The Finandy Telegram bot is used to send notifications on account activity:
  • Opening and closing trades;
  • Login to the account.
You can set up the Telegram bot by: Account - Telegram bot.

Setting telegram bot

1.Proceed to create your bot at @BotFather in Telegram and then click Start at the bottom of the screen
2. Write the command /newbot
3. Write bot name Finandy Bot or any other
4. Enter a custom bot ID, e.g. finandy27375bot
5.Copy the Bot Token
6. Open your bot and click Get Started at the bottom of the screen
7. Send the command specified in the terminal to the telegram bot.
After completion, the Telegram bot management menu will be displayed
You can set up notifications to be sent to the bot in Account - Notifications.