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Finandy Changelog
Information on important updates, system and account maintenance notifications.

General chat

Finandy Exchange + Binance trading terminal
Support and solution of issues related to the terminal's functionality


  • Discussion limited to features, service improvement suggestions, and terminal usage issues.
  • No advertising.
  • P2P discussions unrelated to the topic are not allowed, use the "Chat" thread instead.
  • Assistance with TradingView signal setup.
  • Discussion of user signals allowed.
  • No selling of scripts, signals, or engaging in other commercial activities.
  • No harassment or insults towards other participants.
  • No racism, sexism, offensive, or discriminatory remarks.
  • No highly offensive conversations (politics, religion, etc.).
  • No pornography in any form.
  • Discussion or planning of illegal activities is prohibited. No advertising (links to unrelated projects/pages/groups/channels, etc.).
  • No spamming (sending repetitive similar messages).
  • No trolling (provoking and/or annoying other participants, etc.).
  • No fraud (proposals to buy someone's account, etc.).
  • No audio and video messages.
  • Discussion or planning of illegal activities is prohibited.