I want to signal

1. Make a deposit

Copy trading is only available on the Finandy exchange
Finandy Exchange - Official Binance Broker
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  • Binance Wallets
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  • Free access to the full functionality of Finandy
Make a deposit of funds to activate your account on the Finandy exchange according to the instructions:

2. Create a Master Trader

On the Copy Trades page, click the Create Master Trader account button

3. Set up a Master Trader account

Copy trading is configured separately for the Spot and Futures markets.
Select the appropriate market from the top left (Spot or Futures) and make its settings.

Account status

Enabled or disabled copy trades

Manually approve new connections

If enabled, new users will start copying your trades only after your approval

Time-limited connections

If enabled, then users will only copy your trades up to the specified date.

Account deleting

If you no longer plan to provide the service of copying your trades, then you can delete the Master account. This does not affect personal trading.
On the right side of the screen is the setting of the base quotes in which trading takes place


Every Monday, a bonus is accrued in the proportion specified in the setting, if PnL has been positive for the last 7 days.
The bonus is indicated as a percentage of the user's total profit.
The following are the settings for trading on basic quotes:
  • ETH
  • BTC
  • USDT
  • BUSD
  • USDT
  • BUSD

Position closing timeout, sec

If TP or SL is disabled in the position of the connected account or low liquidity of the currency pair, and the position of the master is closed by TP or SL, then the position of the connected account will also close after a specified timeout. The timeout is configured in the master account, by default it is 5 seconds.

Minimum balance

Пользователи с балансом меньше указанного не смогут подключаться к копированию ваших сделок

My trading balance

Minimum balance of the connected user to enter a position for the selected quote.
Если поле пустое, то при копировании с настройкой % от баланса будет производиться расчет доли ордера от вашего общего баланса на данной котировке.
ATTENTION, if the minimum balance is too small, the connected user may not have enough funds to create an order.

4. Joining traders to copy

In order for other traders to copy your trades, they need to provide your Master Trader ID.
Connection to the Master Trader by ID occurs on the main page of Copy Trading.

5. Trade

Make trades according to your trading strategy manually or with the help of bots or Tradingview signals.

6. Get bonuses

Receive every Monday a % of the resulting profit (profit minus loss) earned for the previous week.
If after closing the position PnL was positive, then part of the profit is reserved on a separate account with the connected trader.
If, after closing the position, PnL was negative, then part of the profit is returned from the reserve account back to the connected trader's wallet.
If a profit was received in 7 days, then on Monday, a part of the profit will be sent from the reserve account first to the Spot wallet of the connected, and then to the Master Trader to the spot wallet, according to the percentage specified in the Copy Trading settings.

Bonus calculation example

User balance at the time of connection = 1000 USDT.
Commission master trader = 50%.
  • For the first week, the profit of closed positions amounted to 100 USDT.
    The balance after paying the bonus to the master will be 1050 USDT
  • For the second week, a loss of PnL = -250 USDT was received.
    The bonus is not credited, the balance is 800 USDT
  • For the third week, the profit of closed positions amounted to 100 USDT.
    The balance after paying the bonus to the master will be 850 USDT
Full payment for 3 weeks: 1000 + (100 x 50/100) - 250 + (100 x 50/100) = 850 USDT