Order types

The terminal has the ability to create a real order (exchange) and a virtual one (it will create a real one when the trigger is reached).

Real order

R (Real) - all types of exchange + Floating orders

Virtual order

V (virtual) - places an exchange order (Limit, Float, Market) when the trend reaches the order trigger price.

Futures fees

Maker fee = 0.02%

If a Limit order has been placed in the order book and is executed some time later, the Maker Commission is removed.
Example of buying with a Limit order below the extreme selling price

Taker fee = 0.04%

The taker's commission occurs when the orders in the order book are executed.
  1. 1.
    Market order
  1. 2.
    If a limit order is placed at a price in the opposite direction, e.g. when buying at 100 in the order book there is a sell order at that price, then the limit order will be executed in the market and the Taker's commission will be charged for it.