Fibonacci grid


To the right of the "1 order or grid" selection, a grid control block appears if the position has an active grid:
F must be selected for editing


1. Sum (Volume) / Amount of all orders in the grid

In the drop-down list, select what will be set: the total Sum (volume) or the total Amount for all orders in the grid. A value is entered in the field on the right (in the screenshot, the value is 100)

2. Levels auto update

Disable by default.
If you set a timeframe, then at the close of the candle, the closing price (or the maximum value of the candle) will be compared with the price of the edge of the grid, and if the price of the edge becomes less for buying or more for selling, the system will pull up this edge with a rearrangement of all orders in the grid

3. Fibonacci levels

5. Number of orders in the grid

Minimum 2 orders, maximum 20

6. Editing the price when creating a grid

  • In the grid creation form
  • On the chart, dragging the edges of the grid with the mouse

7. Auto cancellation

You can enable auto-cancellation of the grid of orders after a specified time.
If any order is executed in the grid, then auto-cancellation is deactivated.

8. Options for Futures

Click the button "Create grid"

• Editing

There are several ways to change the grid:
  • Dragging the edges of the grid with the mouse on the chart
  • After making changes on the chart, you need to click "Change grid" in the order form
    • Changing the price of an order inside a position
  • Editing in the order form, having previously selected F (Fibonacci grid) and the grid ID (if there is one grid, then you do not need to select). After editing the parameters, you must click the "Change grid" button