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Floating order


Floating Order - limit order with auto offset to the last price in the order book. It is beneficial to use in instruments with a large spread in the order book. And also this type of order can significantly improve the entry price in coins with little liquidity.
Authoring Finandy
Let's analyze the principle of operation using the example of buying 6 MANA in the 6 MANA pair. Select F in the order creation form and enter the amount 6
Bottom SELL price is ASK = 2.2420 Top BUY price is BID = 2.2418 Tick price = 0,0001
Bot create LIMIT order at price BID + 1 Tick price In our example, this is the price = 2.2418 + 0.0001 = 2.2419
If the order has not been fully executed and a limit order of another market participant is placed above our order, then the system with a small timeout set in the settings will move the order above the current price. This will happen until the order is fully executed or canceled, according to the limits set in the settings.
If during permutations the order became less than the minimum, then depending on the setting, the next permutation will be the size = the minimum order, or the order will be canceled or remain at the current price awaiting execution.
The behavior of the system when selling is similar, only the price of the initial order = ASK - 1 Tick price
A floating order allows you to quickly fill an order at the best price!


Floating order is configured in the Setting menu in the Trading section

Timeout is for rearranging the order, sec

The rearranging of an order begins after timeout is over, if an order price is not a bottom price in the order book

Maximum time to fill an order, min

If the maximum awaiting time is reached and order is not filled it will be canceled.

Maximum price deviation, %

Maximum price deviation in % from the initial, after exceeding it the order will be canceled

The rearranging of a dust order

Action with a rearranging dust order (order sum is less than minimum)
  • Await till execution
  • Increase to the minimum sum
  • Cancel a dust order


Commission in Floating order

The commission for the order of Floating order can be either a Taker (0.04%) or a Maker (0.02%). There is no attribute for the order type - post only. It is not possible to make a 100% commission of the maker type (0.02%). This is a compromise to enter at a better price.
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