Stop order

An algorithmic order provided by the Binance exchange.
When the trigger price is reached, a real order will be created.
  • Spot: Stop-Limit order
  • Futures: Stop-Limit and Stop-Market orders
For a Stop-Limit order, you must specify the order price at which the order will be placed when the trigger is triggered.
For example, a buy order is created:
  • Trigger price = 100
  • Order price = 99.5
This setting means that when the price reaches 100, a limit order to buy will be placed in the order book below the current price by 0.5% at the price of 99.5.
By default, the Stop Limit order is supplied with the order price so that when the trigger price is reached, the order will be executed at the market.
Switch on Futures between Stop-Limit and Stop-Market
  • Stop-Limit
  • Stop-Market