Positions (trading)

Positions are located in the "Trading" menu item
The Trading menu is divided into tabbed submenus (may vary from market to market):
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    Positions which additionally contain the following tabs:
    • Open
    • Closed
    • Exchange ( Spot market)
    • All
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    Deposit funds (Finandy exchange)
  6. 6.
    Transfer of funds (Finandy Exchange)
  7. 7.
    Withdrawal of funds (Finandy Exchange)
The tab displays the number of positions and orders

Open positions

This tab displays all open trading positions.
Attention! The maximum number of positions available is limited to 80!

• Position price

Described in 3 parts of the video:
It is important to know that all take profit prices, averaging and stop losses are calculated from the position price level.

By all orders

To accurately understand risk, Finandy calculates your average position price by default, taking into account all executed orders.
The formula for calculating the average price for all executed orders
Price=(ΣVbΣVs)/(ΣAbΣAs)+Side×FeePrice = (ΣV_b - ΣV_s)/(ΣA_b - ΣA_s) +Side×Fee
ΣV_b - volume of all buy orders ΣV_s - volume of all sell orders ΣV = Order price × Amount
ΣA_b - coins amount of all buy orders ΣA_s - coins amount of all sell orders
Side = 1 for LONG Side = -1 for SHORT Fee - all fees including VIP discounts and BNB discounts Fee = fees of all orders + estimated fees for closing a position
The default setting "By all orders" allows you to always understand the dynamic breakeven price based on all filled orders within a position. In this way, you can take into account your risks in full and make decisions about new actions more effectively.

By opened orders

For traditional position average price calculations, select "By opened orders" and click "Save"
Price=ΣV/ΣA+Side×FeePrice = ΣV/ΣA +Side×Fee
ΣV - the volume of all orders that increase the position. For LONG is buy orders, and for SHORT is sell orders. Volume = Order price × Amount
ΣA - amount of all orders that increase the position.
Side = 1 for LONG Side = -1 for SHORT Fee - all fees including VIP discounts and BNB discounts Fee = fees of all orders + estimated fees for closing a position
With this setting, only executed orders that average (increase) your position will be taken into account. The setting is suitable for less intense action within the position.
It is important to note that Finandy displays the total PnL for a position based on realized profits.
After enabling "By opened orders", the setting will be applied only for NEW positions.

• Actions in position

1. If you click on the name of a currency pair, its chart will open.
2. If you click on any area other than a pair name, a list of orders for that position will be displayed.
3. At the end of the position line, there is an option to close the position and transfer it to "Exchange".
Position closing logic Clicking on the position close button cancels the Take Profit and then creates a market order for the amount needed to close the position. If there are no redeemed orders in the position yet, then the orders will be canceled first, and then the position will be closed.

• List of orders in position

Order icons

• Open position statistics

Click the button to open an additional block with statistics and mass actions on positions.
The panel on the left displays data on open positions.

• Bulk operations on positions

To see the bulk operations management menu, press the button to show/hide the additional panel above the list of positions (to the left of the choice of the type of order that closes the position)
The mass operation must be approved with the "OK" button, which appears below after clicking the "Confirm" button.

Open orders

Closed positions

In the table header to the right of the "Amount" header, if enabled, empty positions will be hidden. Empty positions are positions with no filled orders.
The description of the interface practically coincides with the interface of open positions, which was detailed above.


There are positions in the Exchange without making a profit. For example, if you need to buy BNB to pay a fee or sell a token that does not have a position in the terminal.
How to create an exchange operation?
  • In the form for creating a position, select "Exchange"
  • In an open operation, click on the arrows in a circle to the left of the red cross

Wallets (Balances)

Above the balance table is a filter for small balances - up to 0.001 BTC and an estimated total balance in BTC / USD.
Wallets are displayed for the currently selected market. To change the market, you need to select another market from the top left, above the chart
Name of the coins
Balance = free coins + coins in orders
Available for orders
Coins available for trading
In orders
Coins in orders
in BTC
The equivalent of the total balance of the coin in BTC
in USD
The equivalent of the total balance of the coin in USD

Deposit (Finandy Exchange)

Only available on Finandy Spot Market

Transfer (Finandy Exchange)

Withdraw (Finandy Exchange)

Only available on Finandy Spot Market