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Stop Loss

SL module
It is important to remember that you cannot set real take profits and real stop loss on the spot market. If such a situation occurs, the system will automatically replace the real Stop order with a virtual one.

Stop loss settings



If the SL module is enabled, then after creating a position, a Stop Loss will be placed, according to your settings.

Initial offset in %

Initial offset by a specified % from the position's breakeven level.

Price Level Value

The absolute value of SL, which can be set on the chart by moving the order with the mouse or using the keyboard in this field.

Calculation method

If Calc price is selected, Stop Loss price is calculated according to the amount of the loss and vice versa.
If Calc amount is selected, then the amount of the orders to open the position at a given risk and Stop Loss price will be calculated

Fixed risk, $

Approximate amount of loss in US dollars, that will be received in SL position closure. It is filled in automatically when specifying the price of SL.
If you fill in this field, then the SL level will be calculated for a given risk amount and order size.

Type of order

  • Virtual Floating - limit order with auto-rearrangement. It is more profitable to exit in coins with a large spread, read more →​
  • Virtual Market - virtual order that executes the orders of other market participants
  • Stop Market - real stock order. Stop market order uses a stop price as a trigger. However, when the stop price is reached, it triggers a market order* instead.
*Due to extreme market movements, the executed price of market order may be lower/higher than the last traded price that user may have seen, user needs to pay attention to the market depth and price fluctuations.

Order trigger

Additional option for virtual orders.
A trigger by which a virtual Stop Loss activates closing a position with a real order. The setting is ignored for a Stop Market order.
  • Order book check the Sell Limit Price (ASK) for Long Position and Buy Limit (BID) for Short Position Protects against false price movements (squeezes)
  • 1m candle, 3m candle ... The first value is the timeframe of the candle. If the trigger candlestick closes at or below the SL level for a Long position, then the Stop Loss will be triggered. For a Short position, the logic is reversed - the closing price of the candle will be equal to the price of the SL or higher.

Rearrangement of level

If enabled, then after averaging the price the SL position will move to the same distance to the position price as to the averaging.

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