Order types

✔ Description of different types of orders in Finandy terminal, including real and virtual orders, their features and commissions on Spot and Futures.

Terminal can create both real (exchange) and virtual orders, which place a real order based on trigger conditions.

Real order

R (Real) - all exchange types + Floating orders

Virtual order

V (virtual) - places an exchange order (Limit, Float, Market) when the trend hits a trigger price.

Futures fees

Maker fee = 0.02%

When executing a Limit order from the order book at a later time, the Maker commission is charged.

Taker fee = 0.05%

Taker fee is charged when orders are filled in the order book.


  1. Market order

  1. In case a limit order (e.g. buy 100) is executed at market price due to the presence of an opposite direction order in the order book, the transaction will incur a Taker fee.

Limit orderFloating orderMarket orderStop orderTrailing orderVirtual order

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