Virtual order

✔ Description of using virtual orders on the Finandy platform to create orders when a trigger price is reached without freezing funds. Detailed description of how virtual orders work and settings

When the trigger price is crossed, a real order is executed, similar to a stop order.


  • Does not freeze funds in the wallet

  • Not visible to other market participants

  • Can be used to break resistance lines

Order type

Upon trigger activation, the selected order type will be executed:

  • L - Limit

  • F - Floating

  • M - Market


Specify the event that will trigger real order placement:

  • Last price Currency pair last price is monitored every 2 seconds for any changes.

  • Order book Detects price changes in the best bid prices for a buy and ask prices for a sell in the order book, guarding against false price breakouts.

  • By candle's close Select candlestick range to compare closing price to trigger price.

​Trigger price

When the trigger price is reached, a real order is created.

Set price for the limit order when trigger is activated.

For example, a buy order is created:

  • Trigger price = 0.4108

  • Order price = 0.41

It means, a limit order is placed at 0.41 when price reaches 0.4108.

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