Signal interface

To work with TradingView signals, you need to have any paid subscription on the website

List of signals

Signal editing

General settings

• Enabled

If enabled, when a signal arrives, an order will be created according to the settings

• Name

Arbitrary name. It is displayed in notifications when a signal is received.

• Source

  1. 1.
    TradingView The order will be created when an external signal is received. To connect, you need to create a signal in Tradingview with the URL and Messages specified in the terminal.
  2. 2.
    Master hook Copying orders on a signal from the Master account. To start the connection, you must specify the Master ID.

• Master hook

If enabled, all incoming signals will be redirected to the connected ones. To connect, copy the Hook id and paste it into the slave signal, before that, in the slave signal, select Source = Master hook
If you want orders to be created in the Master's account, then create an additional slave signal in it

• Allowed IP

You can enter the IP of your server and create orders through a POST request, or enter the IP of your computer and test how the signal works on the page
If your IP often changes during tests, then you can specify - the IP restriction will be removed.

• Pair

Placeholder {{ticker}} passes the name of the pair from the Tradingview signal, but you can specify the name of the pair WITHOUT {{}}, for example, BTCUSDT.

• Order side

One signal can both open and close LONG or SHORT positions. You do not need to create multiple receive signals.
It is enough to open a LONG position in the Tradingview message, manually change the side parameter to buy:
"name": "Hook 196",
"secret": "2ehiexig0r5",
"side": "buy",
"symbol": "{{ticker}}"
to open SHORT - sell:
"name": "Hook 196",
"secret": "2ehiexig0r5",
"side": "sell",
"symbol": "{{ticker}}"

• URL and Signal Message

URL and Message are copied to the Tradingview signal

• Hook id

If the Master hook option is enabled, the Master ID is displayed below the Signal Message.
It must be passed to those traders who want to copy your signals.

Automation modules