Take Profit

Модуль TP


If enabled, then take profit will be added when opening a position
A tick to the right of the option name means that the value will be taken from the received signal from Tradingview, and not from the terminal settings.
The TP module automatically creates one or more Take Profit orders when creating a position on a signal


​If enabled, orders closing the position will be placed at the specified levels.

Rearrangement of level

  • ✅ Enabled

    ‌After averaging the position, TP orders will be canceled and created with an increased quantity at the same distance to the price of the position as before the averaging.
  • ‌🚫 Disabled
    ‌After averaging the positions, TP orders will be canceled and created with an increased quantity at the same price as it were before averaging.

‌Example with rearrangement TP

  1. 1.
    Prior to averaging the Long Position, there was 1 TP order at the level of + 1% of the position price.
  2. 2.
    After averaging, the position price is changed and the TP level to the position price became +3%.
  3. 3.
    The system will cancel the TP order and create a new with an increased amount so that the distance to the position level becomes equal to +1%, as well as before averaging.

Type of order

  • Limit
  • Stop order

‌Number of orders

The number of Take Profit orders
‌It is advantageous to use several Take profits with the SLX module, which creates and rearranges Stop loss if TP is executed.

Price and Amount in orders

In the heading of the first column, select:
  • Price offset, %
  • price
By default, amount in orders is distributed evenly.

Update settings by signal

If you need to update the module settings in an open position, then send a signal containing 'update': true in the module parameters of the signal message.
If it is necessary to update the module parameters and average the position, then send 2 signals, one of which will update the module, and the second will average the position.