Grid of orders
In the first tab of the order creation form, you can choose to create:
  • 1 - one order
  • S - Scaled order grid
  • F - grid of orders by Fibonacci levels


If you not need to create scaled orders every time you open position, than in “Scaled orders” settings switch to Disable and Save, and your Scaled settings will be saved.

Coins Amount or order Sum.

The first parameter selects what will be set by default in the CA tab. This field sets the total amount or the number of coins for all orders in the grid.

Amount Factor

Regulates sum distribution in scaled orders. For instance, multiplayer equals 2, then each subsequent order is 2 times larger than the previous one.

Density or Step in%

Chosen Density:
Density value
Less than 1
Orders will concentrate on scaled orders beginning
Equal 1
Orders will be distributed evenly along the price scale
More than 1
Orders will concentrate on scaled orders end
In case if Step in % chosen than scaled orders will be created from the first order price with the same step equal to
Step in % * First order price / 100
where the last order price will be calculated automatically and can not be changed

Orders amount

Orders amount in scale. 10 - is a maximum amount.

First and the Last price

Price of the First and the Last price could be changed by moving them on chart
or in CA tab in % or absolute values


If you do not need to create Fibonacci scale all the time you open orders, than in “Scaled orders” settings switch to Disable and Save, and your Scaled settings will be saved.
Creation of averaging orders by Fibonacci scale levels.
You need to draw a Fibonacci scale from bottom to top left to right for buying and top to bottom from left to right for selling. The zero point is always closer to the last candlestick.
Buying scale
Selling scale

Levels auto update

Rearranging the orders scale when updating new extreme points in the chart (High / Low).
To activate auto-rearrangement of the extreme scale point of the price crosse, select from the list a timeframe candlestick of which will be analyzed after closing.
In timeframe choosing the block below will be loaded with a choice of the Close or High / Low price.


  • In first column the level could be enabled/disabled on which the CA will be placed.
  • The second column shows price level in scale in fractions from 0 to 1.
  • The third column shows fractional division of the total amount between orders in the scale.

Scale creation

1. To create scale the total amount or the amount in the first tab of the order creation form should be entered.
or enter coins amount in CA module tab.
2. Enable Fibonacci parameter on CA module, if it wasn’t enabled before.
The system will first look for placed scales on the chart and if there are several of them, it will take the one closest to the current moment, but if there is no scale, it will place a new one.
The preview on the chart will show only one order, which is the closest to the trend.
For clarity, the scale displays only those levels in which orders will be placed.
To create scaled orders the prices of points 1 and 0 should be adjusted on the chart
or on the CA tab and click on Open

Editing an already created grid of Fibonacci orders

After creating a scaled orders, you can edit the prices of points 1 and 0 on the chart by dragging with the mouse or in the CA tab and then click the Save changes button.
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