Type of Balance
There are several types of position sizing available via webhooks.


The number of tokens, for which an order will be created, opening / averaging / closing a trading position. For example, if you specified 100 for the XRPUSDT pair, this means that when a signal is received via the webhook, an order for 100 XRP will be created. Please note that if the size is less than the minimum allowable according to the rules of the exchange, then there will be an error about insufficient balance and the order will not be created.


The order quantity is calculated based on the specified amount. For example, you specified 1000 for the XRPUSDT pair - this means that when a signal is received via the webhook, an order for 1000 USDT will be created using the formula: Quantity = Amount / Price
Additionally, the calculation is carried out in the second coin of the pair. For example, you trade BTC / USDT, and enter 1000 - then the amount will be calculated in USDT. If you trade BTC / BUSD then you will be trading 1000 BUSD


From the specified dollar amount the system will automatically calculate the required number of coins to create an order. For example, you trade in BTC and want to open an order for $ 1000,the system will automatically calculate required amount of BTC


The order size is calculated from the total wallet balance (free funds + funds in orders + funds in positions). For example, your balance is 1000 USDT, and you create an order for 10% of the balance - this means that the sum of the order or the grid of orders will be equal to 100 USD. In the futures market, leverage is already included in this amount. That is, if the leverage is 20 and the order amount is 1000 USDT and your margin will be 50 USDT

Balance, % x Leverage

The calculation of the order size is based on the total wallet balance multiplied by the leverage. That is, if your wallet balance is 1000 USDT and you create an order for 10% of the balance with a leverage of 20, then this means that in the position your margin is 100 USD, and the order amount is 2000 USDT Since there is no margin trading with leverage on the spot market, this setting is fully equivalent to "Balance%"

Strategy amount

The order is created for the value from your strategy, transmitted in the webhook message. ATTENTION, this setting works only for strategies! Priceholder {{strategy.order.contracts}} is used.


The checkmark opposite the positions is responsible only for the moment - the value of the position will be taken from the signal or from the terminal. In most simple strategies, enabling it is NOT REQUIRED. Position size is taken from the settings of the terminal itself.
To transfer data from a signal, a price holder is required. The checkbox is enabled only if the balance type is “Strategy amount” and is used there by default. The figure below shows an example of working with a price holder.
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